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  1. Just seen a thread in GQ about the use of a wide target man.. And I can't help but wonder.. What kind of tactical setup could you use to actually use that role? Doesn't seem to make much sense to me at first glance to push a target man out wide (hadn't even given the role any thought up to this point, never used it before)
  2. makes me think of love is a battlefield, but that was the 80s iirc
  3. @tom hope you're right, time will tell @cleon morning! except it's noon over here =))
  4. They recently beat croatia away 0-1 and narrowly lost a friendly against England i think they'll be hard to break down at home + a lot of our players are injured. I'm not convinced we'll trash them at all.
  5. any predictions for scotland belgium tonight? I'm afraid we're heading for a 0-0
  6. just read about southampton missing out on 25m from the Bale transfer because they bought out the sell-on clause of 25% that's got to hurt if it's true
  7. any chance of Januzaj getting some first team action this year you reckon?
  8. well sorry, I don't enjoy this silly argument either .. I just don't enjoy being called a newbie or being falsely corrected, especially over something as trivial as the use of 'a couple'. that being said.. *handbag down* =)) following tom on twitter to make it up ;-)
  9. I was surprised Chelsea loaned him out again actually. Hadn't he been promissed a role in their first team plans this year? Think it's for the best though as I don't think he's ready for that big a club yet
  10. Oh dear, I didn't want to get into semantics but you just can't seem to let it go. I'm sorry. What exactly are you implying I'd be new to? And what exactly am I causing? You chose to correct/patronize someone without paying any mind to the point I was making. Me replying to you is causing trouble? Sorry to crash your precious party-thread then. and for the record: you're wrong. A couple can, but does not exclusively mean, two. It can in fact be synonymous to 'a few'. If you can't tell the difference between 'that couple' or 'a couple of years' .. well .. I'll do the same as you did earlier &
  11. then i guess my professors conned me in school. Another useless certificate on the wall which brings us back to the original point of madrids weird transfer policy. moving on..
  12. the arguments some people deem worthy of starting. sigh. he got released after a few years. for free. grammar police satisfied?
  13. 4 years is still 'a couple of'. That was mine. it's beside the original point too. Does it make it a better transfer policy even if he'd been there for 20 years? Think not.
  14. 2. a couple of – more than one but indefinitely small in number
  15. can't say it's his fault, but who is willing to pay these astronomical fees, i wonder. Even more so because like you said, he hasn't got the stats to justify that sum - if any stat could. Coming from a team that spent 56m on kaka only to release him for free a couple years later.. to the same team they got him from! Wonder what kind of monkey is running the finances over there
  16. somehow I can't help but feel Madrid bought Bale because Barcelona have Neymar and Messi, and they don't want to be left behind with 'just' Ronaldo. They should've invested in a striker instead imo talk about over-valuation :/ not saying Bale is a bad player, but surely he shouldn't be worlds most expensive player? just me?
  17. There seems to be an obscene amount of Bieber fans on there more than anything from my experience
  18. I've read about it being Kitson too, but I don't know him so I've no idea. The clues online seem to point in his direction apparantly.. Regardless, I think it's a smart decision to stay anonymous, at least for now. It allows one to read the book without being biased too much
  19. I am actually. Wasn't going in with high expectations but somehow I can't stop reading. It's refreshing to hear a footballers honest opinion for once.
  20. Happy birthday! Reading the secret footballer myself at the moment. Can't help but wonder who's written it =)
  21. is taken 2 any good? taken was one of my fav movies when it came out, but i'm not sure about sequels in general :/
  22. henry saivet & fabio paim - can't recall which year wellington silva did real damage as well a couple years ago.
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