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  1. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    How did you get through that season :o you must've been thrilled when any sort of youth candidate came through. I've had 3-4 injuries in the first 5 games so far, having to play a few players out of position.. But then my laptop decided to crash & I had to start the season over. I quite like my laptop now.
  2. Llm slow team need help.

    I tried this for a lower league team, but I'm wondering how you set up your front 4? Which roles would you think suit them best? I've for instance gone with a poacher role for the striker as I'd think it's best he stays in his position and focus on taking his chances. I went with an advanced playmaker on support an 2 attacking midfielders on attack duties.
  3. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Eendracht Aalst youth challenge - Season 1 History - Squad - League - Expectations And we're off. I wasn't lying when I said our first team lacks depth, we're just 18 men strong. I'm praying we don't get too many injuries as the season kicks on. Our most promissing players so far would be Wannes Van Tricht - Arno Claeys - Ken Van Damme Pre-season So our friendly games went a lot better than expected honestly. A tight loss against OHL who play in the top division, a few good wins and a 1-2 defeat against OM. Obviously they didn't field their first team, but I still fully expected us to get trashed by them. Encouraging start to this save, looking forward for the season to kick off.
  4. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    In spite of FM18 arriving soon, I decided to give this challenge a go. Chose to start in Belgiums lowest division with newly promoted side Aalst. There were 3 teams promoted (Sprimont and Liege being the other ones) but chose to go with them, as I remember them being in the top flight when I was a kid. Would be nice to get them back to that level. The season ahead is going to prove challenging as I seem to be lacking heavily in squad depth. All the youth players are greyed out and my first team is pretty thin as well. Looking forward to getting things going when I get home from work.
  5. Your top 5 FM17 players

    Brought in Dybala & Dembele (celtic) and so far Dybala is being eclipsed by Dembele, who is scoring for fun at the moment. Cost a fraction of the 100m I spent on Dybala too.
  6. I will pre-order regardless, but I still want to see the features announcement first.
  7. Literally came here to post just that.
  8. Mother of all newgens

    I seem to recall a 5ft8 player would need a higher jumping attribute than a taller player to reach the same height.
  9. Just finished my first season, some mixed feelings. Hasn't been that bad, as we won a few trophies, but Arsenal were simply destroying everyone in the league. Deserved champions I'd say, looking at those figures. Had some bad luck as Pogba was out injured for 6 months. The upside of that is that no 'big clubs' came knocking for him yet. For transfers I've brought in Havertz & Tielemans who both performed very well. Had to pay quite a bit more than I'd wanted ideally for Tielemans though, hope he'll live up to it. In preseason I managed to sign Dybala, expecting big things from him. I was doubting to renew Zlatans contract, but ended up offering him a new 1 year deal. Right after that Real suddenly wanted to buy him. I initially declined, which upset him so I had to let him go after all. Going into the second season Rooney's out on loan, Zlatan's gone, Martial is injured and so is Dybala.. Desperate for another striker I made a lastminute offer for Mousa Dembele and managed to sign him for 9m. He's actually doing pretty well at the moment.
  10. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    Pogba & Mata both score direct fks regularly for me. Having a FK on the edge of the box is pretty much like getting a penalty if Pogba steps up
  11. I'd sell him no questions asked honestly. I'm in my first season still, Martial does really well for me and so does Lingard (who comes off the bench regularly). I've had success previously with Agustin Allione, but haven't tried him at utd yet. Domenico Berardi is absolutely brilliant if you can get him, can play as a CF or on the wing. Though if you're not comfortable selling him and he isn't unsettled, just tell real to sod off
  12. struggling to find a final save

    I'm in pretty much the same situation. Usually I go for a longterm save and develop clubs facilities to bring through/develop youngsters. But now with FM18 edging closer, I started a new save with United. Think it's a fun shortterm challenge to get them to tick again.
  13. Help choosing team

    I've had a save as anderlecht. It's a good choice if you enjoy developping youngster, they have quite a few. It'll just be a task trying to hold on to them, mainly Tielemans & Dendoncker.
  14. Just started a ManUtd save yesterday, will follow this thread Haven't brought anyone in at the start of the season, apart from Robles, a promising RB. Probably going to sell Carrick Rooney Blind Valencia. Thought about selling Fellaini but he scored an absolute screamer in our first game against Stoke so.. He gets to stay a while Won our first 3 games so far, playing a 4-2-3-1