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  1. If it wasn't for Prendergast, 2018 wouldn't have been the first time either Kidding aside, Brazil will always be one of those mythical teams to face. Much like Italy and Germany to an extent, even if they're not the same team they once were.
  2. Courtois is in there too, but Hazard should always make the squad.
  3. There was talk of a couple of Belgian players retiring from the NT after the world cup (Dembele being one of the rumoured ones) but none confirmed yet. Apart from Defour & Nainggolan (sigh), they won't play for us anymore.
  4. Mixed feelings for me, I think there's been some memorable games and a fair share of drama. Spain Portugal was great. Some giants being knocked out sooner than expected. VAR took some getting used to for me, you couldn't cheer immediately for a goal/penalty. As for our run, I'm quite proud of our best ever result in finishing 3rd. On the other hand I feel we really could and should've gone all the way. It's the first time our team really ticked, for which I credit Martinez. Kompany coming back to fitness surprised me as well, I fully expected him to be a 1 game wildcard. I'm too bitter over the semis against France and the ultra defensive way they set up, don't feel like they merit their tournament win. Not to mention Mbappes behaviour in the final 10 minutes, far too talented a player to be behaving like Neymar 2.0 For most memorable game from our point of view I'm torn between the comeback against Japan, where I was fully expecting us to be headed home. Or the win against Brazil - simply because.. beating Brazil. It's a shame Pickford saved that Meunier volley as well, it would've been one of the best goals I've seen in some time. I blame Courtois for putting him on edge with his 'I would've saved Januzajs shot'
  5. Great work @Sons FC shame I was on holiday and couldn't complete the latter rounds. Congrats to the winners
  6. Well he's obviously a winger that we tried to convert to a wing back so defensively he's not going to be up to par with Meunier (who was a striker in the youth teams btw, but converted much sooner). IIRC he had the most distance covered of the entire team, which is logical on his position, but still. He's more of a threat going forward than he is a defensive asset though, that's for sure. His crossing, dribbling, shooting ability are the main reason he's in the team and frankly I'm not too unhappy about him. Against better sides I expect Witsel/Vertonghen to provide the necessary defensive assistance. He's gotten a fair bit of criticism out here too mind, I'm just quite positive about him. That being said, a decent left back is something we haven't had in years. We used to always play Vertonghen there, but he prefers a more central position. The next options being Pocognoli & Jordan Lukaku says it all really.
  7. Depends if you're purely talking results or not. Belgiums current crop are the most talented group of players we ever had. In terms of cold hard results on a major tournament, they're yet to deliver and it's maybe even the last chance for some of them. A few might retire from international football after this world cup.
  8. Yea honestly, if you look at our bench.. A lot of our "B-team" would quite comfortably make the starting XI in many other teams. Read some Italian journo saying they could build a team around Tielemans Batshuayi and have Nainggolan captain that side I sort of expect Januzaj to feature thursday as well. I'm just not sure who'd fill in for Meunier.. Alderweireld maybe?
  9. True. And you never know, those subs might come out with a point to prove. With most of the Eng/Bel players playing in the same league anyway, I can't imagine anyone will want to lose. Looking forward to thursday in any case.
  10. Not sure about that. There's talk of resting players on a yellow + players who picked up (minor) knocks. That includes Vertonghen, Hazard, Mertens, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Meunier I doubt we'll rest all 6 but still, it's likely we'll play a glorified b side. Which tbf Southgate admitted to looking into as well, depending on who finishes 1st/2nd in other groups.
  11. Wonder who we'll play against England. Martinez already said he'd be resting a few players so Glad that game doesn't matter anymore, but would still like to see us win. Actually not too fussed about our defensive 'issues' .. Think Boyata did decent, a few errors here & there but Kompany always makes 1 or 2 errors as well so. Carrasco & Meunier have put in great performances. Alderweireld & Vertonghen are solid. Who the hell cares we conceded 2 against Tunisia if you score 5 btw. I don't mind conceding 4 against Brazil if we manage to bang 5 in again
  12. As for Belgium, regardless of performances - these are individually the best players we ever had so I reckon this is our golden generation. There's talk of some of them quitting after this world cup, so the time to deliver is now.
  13. I said the same thing when our final selection was announced. While Nainggolans omision is incomprehensible, Chadli has actually proved me wrong. He fills that left wing back position better than Carrasco imo, in spite of his non-season. Quite pleased with the 3-0 win, think we scored 3 lovely goals. First half was obviously poor, but understandeable given Panama parking the bus from the first minute. Looking forward to the Tunisia game now, hope we can take care of business before facing England. Unlike us, they impressed in the first half - not as much in the second. End product seems to be lacking atm, if they can get their shooting boots on I can imagine us having a tough game ahead.
  14. No, but Vermaelen isn't fully fit yet. Might be for the Tunisia game
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