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  1. The link is working i just downloaded it ... Thanks for the information on training bro ... 1 QNS though ... Do i still put the same training schedule for players that are injured? ... What i have been doing so far is to put them in training schedule that have lesser physical training - aerobic & Strength
  2. One features that i keep waiting For FM to have is interaction with the referee. Just wanna follow how everytime Sir Alex will rant at the ref. Although now we can only complain when there is unallowed goal, it will be better if we can interact with the ref himself. Like mind - games , lol
  3. How do yo guys view you games? Do you guys just key moment, extended or view the whole match. For me i watch the whole match.
  4. So... how is FM 2010?

    Yes, buy it . Worth every penny of your money.
  5. Of course it's the hit of the decade!
  6. The FM10 Appreciation Thread

    Football Manager have really evolves towards the years. I still remember when i first start playing FM/CM 2000/2001. ( i CanT beliveved that i actually exchanged my Fifa2000 with a friend of mine for Fm/CM 2000/2001. He said he was bored playing manager. I quickly get hooked to this game. Okey back to the story, I believed that SI Have really improved the game tremendously through out the years and what can I say FM10 is really great. They have improved every aspect of the game and u can really feel the presure of being a manager. Just and add on: I have been waiting for SI to have this features! - Hopefully manager ( we ) can have interaction with the referee. Haha i believe it will make the game more fun and controversial Just my opinion though,Thanks
  7. Match Analysis

    Oh okey i got it now Thanks jayahr , Very useful features
  8. Match Analysis

    Whats the use of Match analysis if there is nothing on the pitch on the right side. I thought there must be the dots that show the team pass, shots on the pitch?
  9. Retired Players

    Thanks for the reply guys So these means that i can offer those players that have abilities to be my staff a contract after they retires. Well is good so that they wont just dissapear from the FM World
  10. Retired Players

    Those Retired players in FM10 can they be employed as staff after they have retired?
  11. FM10: Official Liverpool thread - Home of El Niño

    Just started a new season with Liverpool And i have key players out during pre-season apart from the actual players injured eg. aqualiani , agger g.johnson - 7-8months damaged cruciate ligaments S.Gerrard - 6-7 weeks hip injury D.ngog - 4weeks Lucas - 4weeks Wish me good luck for the start of the new season! Edit : 1st match won against Portsmouth 3-0 . Unbelievable krgiakos scored 2 !! Kuyt Pk Up next Stoke