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  1. Hi Indi75, Thanks for the suggestion, I've just analysed the hard-drive and it was 0% fragmented, so no defragging necessary. Disk read times and memory config plus other stuff, surely won't have changed without my say-so since I built my system? I don't understand why it used to run perfectly, but now, either through Windows Updates, or Driver Updates, or indeed FM Updates, something is not happy anymore!
  2. Also, another observation, don't know if it's related, but from time to time, you can see the players running on the spot and the ball stops, then you get the Windows mouse pointer change to a "loading" circle, and the box around the FM screen says (not responding). It does this for a few seconds and then it seems to play again!
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies so far. I haven't changed anything from the Nvidia settings, and I always do a clean install of the drivers. It's weird, all my other games run fine! There's nothing obvious going on in the background either..... Any other "usual culprits" to investigate? Cheers!
  4. Hi, I stopped playing a couple of months ago because I wanted to wait for the Transfer Window Data Update, and having updated the game to 11.3.0 I noticed the match engine was jerky all of a sudden. It used to run perfectly, as you'd expect from a Windows 7-64 bit machine of good speed/spec. I uninstalled and tried a fresh 11.0.0 game and the engine is still jerky. I've tried minimal detail settings for the game database and match engine, and it makes no difference at all. Has there been any problem reported with Windows 7 SP1 because that's probably the biggest change since playing before. All my drivers are up to date, etc. Any thoughts? Many thanks!