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  1. UK & Ireland league?

    I apologize if this has already been created, I tried looking and couldn't find anything. (If someone has created this or something like it, please give me a link so I can look at it) What is everyone's thoughts on a UK/Ireland league? I'd like to take all of the teams from the playable leagues in England, Ireland, N. Ireland, Wales and Scotland and place them large leagues, the tiers and placement being made up of their reputation. I'm thinking maybe 24 to 30 teams to a league, with highest reputation teams being placed in the top leagues (naturally) and the lower reputation leagues being placed in the lower tiers, with 3 up/3 down at season end.
  2. FM10 New Leagues - Add yourself into a team

    Name: Ryan Brandywell Nationality: New Zealand Positions: MR Preferred Foot: Right 20, Left 10 Personality: Light Hearted Strengths: Free Kicks, Corners, Passing Weaknesses: Heading, Jumping, Long Throws Height: 5'10" Weight: 145 lbs.
  3. Am I the only person who tries to focus making my Leeds squad mostly homegrown? I try only to buy domestic players, with a few non-UK/Ireland here and there for spice (or because they're amazing).
  4. To me that sounds like the game adding realism to the officials not always getting the call right, and the other sounds like your goalkeeper just plain sucks.
  5. The FM08 Career Thread

    This is the timeline of Mick Rowley, an Irish manager (born 11.5.1971) who favours Leeds. Began with reputation as Pro Footballer, and only loaded the leagues from Scotland and England. I wish I had loaded Ireland as well, there are always job there. Started unemployed. Began work with Northwich Victoria shortly after. Worked as manager of Northwich from 9.7.2007 until 1.7.2008. I finished the season, after having been in the top 6 or much of the season, in 10th. I applied for jobs after that and accepted one from Stockport. Stockport, what a great club, I was there a bit longer, from 1.7.2008 until 6.24.2010. While with Stockport, I finished in 11th spot both seasons and made a handful of decent signings. I received a job offer from Oxford at this time, who had found double promotion and were trying to stay afloat in Football League One. I am with Oxford from 6.24.2010 until 14.1.2012, and during this time reject a job offer from West Ham, as well as one from a less lucrative club Falkirk. I kept them up for one reason, and resigned the next during the January transfer window after morale was low, the players hated me, we were sitting in third to bottom and I couldn't attract anyone good enough to get us out of the slump. I wanted to do what was right, so I walked away as it had become a disaster and there were cries for blood. Unfortunately, they were relegated in last place. I apply for jobs and take up a position at Cheltenham on 5.3.2012. I demand transfer funds, as the team is in shambles and there was no way I had the patience to try and work with the mostly rubbish players there. I am Mick Rowley after all, I cannot take this crap from these degenerates! I issue an ultimatum to the board and am sacked. This is 1.7.2012. Well, I made it over 100 days and am turning out to be quite a controversial and unattached manager. At least my description is "Respected Boss." I apply or jobs, and decide to take a position at Burscough (rejecting Shrewsbury and Macclesfield). I'm with Burscough right now and am determined to guide them into Football League Two within four years. I've found that the free transfer market is quite lucrative, picking up castaways from Sunderland, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday in the process. I'm waiting for that spot at Leeds to open up (who have Gustavo Poyet as their manager and don't look like ever sacking him, with them just being relegated from the Premiership to the CCC and probably top contenders for a bounce back to the EPL). I'd also like to manage Swansea or Cardiff, and Hibernian. The goal... Leeds, Ireland, and some silverware. Manager information: Highest fee spent: £375k for John Sutton on 27.7.2010 Highest fee received: £250k for Sergio Tejera on 1.1.2012 Time at Burscough: 68 days Longest time at a club: 723 days (Stockport County) Shortest time at a club: 118 days (Cheltenham Town) -- wankers Number of awards won: 1 Number of players bought: 31 Number of players sold: 29 Number of players released: 30 Total value of players bought: £950,000 Total value of players sold: £375,000 Number of teams managed: 5 Total career earnings: £210k Games won: 87 Games drawn: 79 Games lost: 92 Goals scored: 321 (1.2 p/m) Goals conceded: 315 (1.2 p/m) Goal difference: 6 I should also note that this is only the second time I have played without using the editor, reloading matches to get better results (which I consider cheating), or using multiple users to inject cash into my team. The first time went really well, but was tough, as I tried to steer Leeds into the Premiership, did so, only for a board to takeover and sack me instantly.
  6. Yeah, I just played Southend, their attendance was 2251. The game prior to that, against Peterborough at Bootham Crescent, my attendance was 76... I'm three seasons in now and really like the team I've assembled so I don't want to restart. I'm all patched up, too. Not sure what happened. I was hoping there could be a way to move stadiums or get a few thousand more seats put in.
  7. Cheers, I've never used an editor before - where can I get a saved game editor?
  8. My main stadium, Bootham Crescent, is a 100 all-seater. My attendance is usually like, 86. My reserve stadium, that I've had to move to twice temporarily (while my main stadium is being "expanded"), is much larger and my attendance is around 7k while there. I'm trying to figure this out..
  9. Hello... I am playing as York City. I'm still playing FM08 for PC. Somehow, I got lucky and earned double promotion and now find myself getting stomped by the "big boys" in League One. My problem is, my attendance is usually around 86 or so... We have a reserve stadium, York Community Centre or something or other.. and play at Bootham Crescent regularly - when I play at the reserve stadium (when my stadium is getting enlarged - by a whopping 26 seats), I can bring in crowds of around 7k supporters. My question is... Can I move stadiums? Is there a way that I can move to my reserve stadium permanently, or expand the stadium by a few THOUSAND seats? Any help is appreciated. Cheers.