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  1. End of second season... Wonderful Septuple! Paulo Dybala, Anthony Martial, Gabriel Barbosa, Andriy Yarmolenko, Marco Reus & Goncalo Guedes all with 15+ goals. Top drawer. No major new signings for season 3 apart from Schneiderlin out and Gotze in on a free. Appointed Roy Keane as my AM too.
  2. Now when I say shots in a game... 41, 18 on target... Against League 2 Newport in the 5th round of the FA Cup. Only a 6.8 rating for their keeper too... Crazy stuff.
  3. Prem 1st season FA Cup - look at the OG! I nearly fell off my chair. Pure vindication. CL Final - glorious stuff, even with 10 men. Will post transfers for Season 2 when I get going again...
  4. I use him as a Deep Lying Forward with an AMC just behind him. It took him a while, but past October he started smashing them in. I'll post more pics of results from my 1st season now.
  5. First Season, Champs League semi final 2nd leg against Barca. :lol: Martial has scored 40 in 45 for me... Can you say..... NEW CONTRACT?!
  6. So here we go, half way through my first season and flying so far... free photo hosting image url Some great results, clean sheets galore, D De Gea hasn't conceded in the league for eons. photo uploading websites This United board, as in real life, throw money at ya. Sold those big names at the top there and Depay Mid-season, replaced him with Reus. Some great young talent brought in, although Eriksen and Mata both got ridiculous long term injuries, 8-9 months and 3-4 respectively. free upload pictures Thats my formation and starting 11. Good season so far, out of the Carling Cu
  7. Have Zivkovic in my current save with United (First season in Nov, will post mid season soon) so it's good to see him develop, 20 assists! Look at Martial and Depay too, I'm not getting anything like that at the minute so I'm hoping they get better. Great squad you have there though.
  8. How many leagues are you running in what sized database for your effected save? Running all 6 English leagues with a large db and over 15,500 players What resolution is your Mac set to via the System Preferences? Scaled Are you running in Full Screen (if so, what Resolution), Windowed or Maximum Borderless Windowed Mode? Windowed Mode What graphics quality does it recommend your system to run at? 3D switched off What graphics quality do you set your system to (High, Medium, Low etc)? 3D switched off. If you lower the graphics quality does it make any difference to the fans/performan
  9. Seen the post underneath - will post in that too... [PLEASE READ] Loud Fans/Poor Performance/Overheating on Mac
  10. Running the game on the following: OS X El Capitan - Version 10.11.1 (15B42) MacBook Pro (13-Inch, Mid 2010) Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB Currently have 160.8 GB free.
  11. Hi, Just bought FM16, running it on an old MacBook Pro from 2010 via Steam. Never had a problem with game speed before, don't bother with the 3D graphics - only ever run 2D, always load full face and logo pack, have always loaded all English playable league and large database in previous versions and speed has remind at 4 stars. FM16 will literally only produce the following: http://s22.postimg.org/wrcevqz0x/Screen_Shot_2015_12_07_at_15_51_49.png Any ideas or help for speeding this up? I tried one initial save with Man Utd and it took minutes, sometimes up to 5, to move between screens, t
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