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  1. Only one page in my catch up - this is delightful All in good faith my friend
  2. Van Nistelrooy made a pretty good career out of tap ins. Would we be complaining if Rooney scored as many tap ins? I always find Rooney taking one extra touch that isnt required in the box and getting tackled. Rashford just put the ball in the goal. (Not a slight on Rooney either, I just feel he has lost a bit of the sharpness)
  3. Would agree with the first two. Haven't seen any reserve or u18 football this year so couldn't comment on them.
  4. That's GIF a sure thing for the opening post in next seasons thread surely. Good game, possibly the most dangerous we have looked in weeks.
  5. Shamelessly stolen from the match thread. Can we have this in the OP?
  6. I thought they were Chevvy seats now. Positive I've seen their logo. Thought they were covered because Ford are a premier sponsor.
  7. Liverpool got tycoon takeover in my save. And he pulled his financial support after one season. Lolled at that
  8. My most prolific striker from last season.. His first season he was 9 goals and 6 appearances, then out for 8 months... Got many young stars coming through so cashed in
  9. Its not the daniel sturridge, its a regen. Or am i missing the sarcasm?
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