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  1. Only one page in my catch up - this is delightful All in good faith my friend
  2. Campbells

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    Missed out all my old favourites: Crunch Creams, Party Rings and Chocolate Caramel Digestives (I am a massive child at heart)
  3. Campbells

    Android Phone

    Mobiles.co.uk is pretty solid. I've not used them in a few years as I have been buying from OnePlus directly, but I got two phones in a row for my dad from them. Their rebate system was actually pretty good back then too.
  4. Campbells

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Back flat viewing again after a few weeks off - had an offer in that didnt win at closing unfortunately. Had one last night that was a difficult layout to work with and has a history of damp...pass One tonight in the West End (Glasgow) looks promising although parking will be an issue
  5. Campbells

    Android Phone

    I think if you lock the device using the power button it may override the smart lock. Whereas if you let it go idle and automatically turn the screen off it may not have locked. Worth testing anyway
  6. Campbells

    Android Phone

    If you are rooted with Magisk then use Magisk Hide on the Santander App, clear cache/data and login again. I have a few apps like this (not Santander specifically)
  7. Campbells

    This new Snapchat update is terrible, init?

    Did you get that from the MKBHD video? Saw that the other day too. Very strange
  8. Campbells

    A thread where we discuss films

    Just back from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Thought it was outstanding and you should get out and see it while you have the chance
  9. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    That's my transfer just gone through there and arrived in Coinbase. They must be struggling to process at the moment, used to be much quicker.
  10. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Under an hour. I'm about to do one. Will let you know
  11. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Revolut also worth having if you travel to foreign countries. Typically a very favourable exchange rate. For the record, I am transferring from Nationwide -> Revolut -> Coinbase -> Various exchanges although will be adding in GDAX step from now on!
  12. Campbells

    TV and Broadband Package Thread

    Sky refused to budge from offering 30% off, even in final week of my cancellation period. So upped and left to Virgin, actually have decent internet now too!!! EDIT: They also asked for proof of the 50/60% off being sent to me. Something that had never happened in the last 5 or 6 years. Don't know if it is a new tactic across the board from them or if I was just really unlucky with the advisor I got.
  13. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Take your time and do your own research. I've really enjoyed learning about a lot of this stuff. Read the whitepapers for each coin and understand what it is they are trying to do, research the team behind the technology and keep an eye out for big partnerships. Never put in more than you can afford to lose and people will almost always have a vested interest in what they try and shill you. The daily threads on R/CryptoCurrency are good place to start. I read them for a week before getting involved and doing my research. Gets you up to speed on what coins are hot at the moment and what coins are potentially ones to avoid.
  14. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    I bought more VEN and ICX (plus maybe £10 quid worth of POE) with the Ethereum I had in my coinbase account. I was put off the DADI copy issue, however I haven't actually got around to reading it yet.
  15. Campbells

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Coinbase will you Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. From there you can send that to other exchanges (Binance, Kucoin, etc to buy your alt coins). Prices are low at the moment (at least compared to last week when I jumped in)