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  1. Only one page in my catch up - this is delightful All in good faith my friend
  2. Van Nistelrooy made a pretty good career out of tap ins. Would we be complaining if Rooney scored as many tap ins? I always find Rooney taking one extra touch that isnt required in the box and getting tackled. Rashford just put the ball in the goal. (Not a slight on Rooney either, I just feel he has lost a bit of the sharpness)
  3. Would agree with the first two. Haven't seen any reserve or u18 football this year so couldn't comment on them.
  4. That's GIF a sure thing for the opening post in next seasons thread surely. Good game, possibly the most dangerous we have looked in weeks.
  5. Shamelessly stolen from the match thread. Can we have this in the OP?
  6. I thought they were Chevvy seats now. Positive I've seen their logo. Thought they were covered because Ford are a premier sponsor.
  7. Got it @ 3/1, wish id backed it for more now. Only £2 on
  8. Would have been a great start for me, have money on lewy to score and poland to win. Good start to the game so far
  9. Yeh my phone has been tempermental last few weeks. I think it knows I'm looking at a newer phone...
  10. @Marc cleared contacts today, took the market three attempts to install...which was their fault im sure. It was downloading then disappeared from my phone, no trace of it. Tried again and it worked. Only taking up 7mb after moving to SD. Great work all involved, can see this destorying my battery
  11. Ill have a look tomorrow, might clear my contacts to create more space. Will get back to you.
  12. Seems a totally reasonable price to me. Havent downloaded it yet, need to clear considerable space from my Desire, hmm tough choices ahead.
  13. Was a tense affair tonight, especially when they were on the break. Great strike from Young for the second to put me at ease. On a side note, cracking finish from Pederson, would have been up there for goal of the season for me.
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