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  1. Had a few ex-prem and SPL players I've spotted becoming managers/coaches in some of my saves. Steven Gerrard - Appointed him as a coach for Liverpool when he retired in my save in 2014/15, went on to become Cardiff manager in the Championship the next season. Jamie Carragher - Again appointed him as a coach at Liverpool, a season before Gerrard, for some reason Barcelona decided to pinch him off me for a coach despite poor stats. Paul Scholes - Noticed him when he became manager of Man Utd in 2014/15, checked his history and he became a coach for Man Utd in 2012/13. Ryan Giggs - Noticed him when I checked Utd's staff after seeing Scholes as manager. History said he became a scout for Utd in 2011/12. Gary Neville - Same as above. Became a coach in 2011/12. David James - Retired in 2010/11 and midway through the next season became Barnsley's manager in League One. Got sacked in 2011/12. David Beckham - Manager of West Brom in the Prem in 2012/13. Got relegated to Championship in 2014/15. Barry Ferguson - Became St. Mirren manager in Scottish 1st Division a season after he retired. David Weir - Became the Assistant Manager of Dundee in the SPL when he retired in 2011/12, went on to become the manager of Queen of the South in the 1st Division in 2014/15. Spotted a few Europeans as well, though I've probably not discovered all of them: Alessandro Del Piero - Manager of Napoli, history says he was a first team coach at Juventus as well. Fabio Cannavaro - For some reason manager of Lyon. Francesco Totti - Manager of Roma, says he was assistant manager before it too. Raul - Current manager of Real Soceidad in La Liga, won the Copa Del Ray with them too.
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