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  1. thebugels433

    i now have Marek Hamsilk DMC, Anderson CAM, then Miguel Veloso DMC in midfield, then Rooney, Tevez and Pogrebnyak up front, so far so good!
  2. ok, i have england as my main league, then italy, spain & germany. Antonio Torres: bought for 2.2mill from sporting in spain only 16 in season 1, a must buy! AM/F RC James McCarthy bought for 350k from Hamilton in scotland. again 16 in 1st season MRC Edison Cavani: bought for 9mill from Palmero. SC also noticed that someone said buy Marek Hamsik. well i second that! im in my second season and all of his stats are now green (on the dark skin) apart from Aggression which is 13. definitally buy him or very similar....but more pricey Miguel Veloso.
  3. bit more going on here isnt there Lukaboi!
  4. thebugels433

    this tactic does work, but how would wou accomodate someone like c.ronaldo in your team?
  5. yeah i have had a similar thing with Man Utd. I was second to Man City by 4 points, and had 2 games in hand, i already won the League Cup and was in the final for the Champions League and the F.A Cup! but on the other hand, in me second season, i was in 1st place in the league, won the League Cup and still in both F.A Cup and Champions League but it said, 'please ingore the supporters calls for your resignation, you have our total support!'