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  1. Not a bad idea. Just a thought, but one way to implement this may be to attach a morale boost or increased player-manager interaction surrounding player milestones, like when players complete their 100/150/200th/etc. game for the club or score their 100th goal for the senior team. The key here would be to make sure that the testimonials are done only for those players who have really gone above and beyond for the club...
  2. Also, re: scouting youth players from other teams, it would be really great if when visiting the screen showing another club's promoted youth players, it would be possible to select all the players at once. To be specific, when you go to another club's home page, click on 'transfers', and then choose to view only the Promoted Youth Players, right now you can only select one player at a time. Being able to select all the players would facilitate allocations of scouts to these youth players.
  3. 2 requests for future FM releases: 1. Regarding injuries, when a player gets injured in a match, could we please know **during the match** what the injury is? This will help managers decide how urgent it is to take the player off the pitch in order to preserve the player's health (more precisely, to prevent a short-term injury from developing into something more serious with more rehabilitation time required, because managers continued to play the injured player during the match). Also, it will help managers to determine how much impact the injury will have on the team's performance (e.g., I am assuming that an AMC playmaker will have hit performance hurt more by an ankle injury or a strained thigh muscle than if he was simply elbowed in the nose). 2. Calendars/Fixture Schedules: Could the Ast. Manager (or some other game mechanism) let managers know during the offseason if first team players will have significant international team duties during the year? For example, managers for Chelsea and Barça this year should be informed that Drogba and Eto'o will be on int'l duty for 6 weeks to compete in the African Nations Cup. That way, the managers could look for an extra striker during the offseason.
  4. Re: searching by current wage, it may also be helpful to allow "sorting" by current wage when on the general player search screen. Future wage demands are generally similar to current wage demands for most mature players, so this sorting/filtering can help a manager determine more easily which potential signings will (a) fit under his projected wage bill and (b) will satisfy the per-player salary constraints imposed by the board. Also, it would be very nice if we can temporarily assign players to alternate training schedules other than "Rest." e.g., we may have a standard "Striker" training that we assign our forwards to, but after a particularly intense game, we may want to assign a player to "Light Striker" training for 2-3 days. That way, the player gets the benefit of a less-intense workout session, but his stats will not drop as much as if he were simply assigned to rest for a few days.
  5. The ability to do filtered searches for players by current wage and reputation would help. Also, increased ability to view player stats in general from the Tactics screen.
  6. I just have listings for free kicks, corners, penalties, and influence under View-->Attributes. My suggestion is to include long throws under View-->Attributes as well.
  7. It would be nice to be able to view player attributes for long throws from the Tactics screen, just like you can view how good players are at penalties, corners, and free kicks. It would save a lot of hassle from having to flip back and forth between the Tactics and Squad screens when designating throw-in takers.
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