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  1. I don't think anyone has been saying the game is too hard now, in fact I think people are finding the opposite!
  2. This is the biggest point for me. I manage Arsenal and we've gone from decent top four side to world beaters since the patch. Unless I'm facing another top team 9 out of ten I'm going to smash four or five past whoever I'm playing.
  3. Whilst true I'll be the first to admit I'm not very good at the game! I'm an Arenal supporter but I also pick them because they are still a challenge for me usually. Also the change in my team had nothing to do with signings or anything like that. The patch dropped for me mid-season, I didn't sign anyone or change tactics or anything but my team went from just about hanging on to Liverpool and Manchester United's coat tails to soaring past them. I went from winning games usually by the odd goal or two to scoring at least three in the first half and rarely conceding despite having a two st
  4. I don't know if I'm alone but the update seems to have made the game far too easy. I've been playing with Arsenal and am five seasons in. Each year I've been finishing somewhere between 3rd-6th although I got two Champions League wins in that time but they were very much outliers for my good but not great side. Maybe it would be better to say my side were pretty great on their day but there were usually teams consistently better than mine. Since the update the game seems to have become much easier. I used have a goal difference that would be much lower than the teams around me but no
  5. You are correct, I was thinking of the "Add/Remove league" option which I somehow missed despite it being right above "Detail Level"! Thanks!
  6. In the options in game I see the "Detail Level" page. I've been looking around but can't quite work out what exactly it does. I understand that the more leagues I run and the more detail I ask for the slower the game will run. Is there any benefit to having more details in leagues outside the country you play? I've heard in the past that if you run more detail in other countries they will generate better players and teams thus making everything more competitive but I don't know how true that is.
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