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  1. Like I said, the only added graphics have are facepacks and club logo stuff, both of which go in the graphics folder in documents, not in the steam folder (which got wiped when I did the reinstall). Is there in an game way to do this? or can you point me to said file? I tried reloading the cache in game as well with no results.
  2. This is actually kind of frustrating now. Missing six windows, that happen to be the ones I use the most. That might have something to do with it, opening them during replays or summin, who knows. Like I said, they didn't all disappear at once, but over the last 2.5-3 weeks been losing one every couple of days. Just did a fresh reinstall annnnnnnnnnnnnnd still missing. Should I try deleting the config file or something?
  3. some facepacks and club logos is all, default skin though.
  4. For some reason the pitch windows that show info during the match have been slowly dissapearing and nothing I do will bring them back. I'm now missing my assistants feedback, action zone, team body language, and match stats windows. They all have the checkmark indicating they are displayed...but they are not. Weirdest thing is that they didn't didn't all disappear at one time, but rather one at a time randomly. Is this a known issue? is there a fix?
  5. Erm, this is awkward, they are sold out Found it at G2A for £21.85, think I'm just gonna go with that.
  6. With a 20% off voucher I can get it for $40 USD (yeah, sorry, I'm 'Murican). Has anyone seen it online recently for ~27 quid or less (has to be online, since it's a bit of a trip to Tesco or a "local" football club)
  7. This! Thanks for the post, I would have taken ages to figure that out. For everyone else looking, what he means is this: Under my Games tab in GMG, I see FM14 with the following listed under "key" To get the full game I need to go to Steam, activate a game and enter ONLY XXXXX-06P2M-XXXXX.
  8. In <FM13 the length of player injuries was (X + Y) with X being a base number and Y being a variable. As far as I know Y was dependent on the players injury susceptibility rating and type of treatment (specialist, physio, etc...) And that the quality and "work load" of physios worked into this.
  9. He's not talking about players * rating, but a Nations Youth Rating which the game uses to decide what quality newgens each nation will provide. AFIK, it's static
  10. exists so the player can put up adverts for various staff members? Seems to be the only logical place where we would do so...and then for consistency, it just shows all open adverts...IDK, maybe it's just me, but makes perfect sense as is.
  11. As far as I can tell, it has only affected saves started before the current patch, but I could be wrong
  12. Will upload my save in an hour or so when I get home. But in the meantime just wanted to point out, I had maxed out youth recruitment, junior coaching and facilities. Might be worth noting, I used FMRTE to bump up Chile's 'youth rating' (nationalism at it's finest ) but have only ever played as Middlesbrough. Also (perhaps more importantly) through the first six or so seasons I added and removed lower level english leagues and French and German top leagues.
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