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  1. Why the 3d is so so poor? In 2015, it can not be even with 3D graphics makes for a decade ago. http://i59.tinypic.com/mm5t14.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2gwcf91.jpg I think the FM year after year only receives minor improvements and the time has come for a major change. It seems more a mod last year that a new game.
  2. We are almost in 2015 and followed with a 3D nvery poor. Players who appear robots, poor movement`s, players skating on the lawn, we can do better sigames. Come on!
  3. Because you are not giving importance to manager salary? The fm is the same gain 200 to 400.000 dollars. They make sense of the salary of the manager, but will be only a cosmetic addition.
  4. Hi, I uploaded logo pack, but now wanting to climb other things I find that the cloud is full. I uninstalled what I uploaded and deleted from workshop but still the cloud is full :/ As I can empty the cloud to return to re upload logos and other things?
  5. I uploaded a pack of club logos of a style, but want to go up another pack of club logos other than the above style does NOT allow for steam because I uploaded WorkShop and logos. :/ I mean if you go up a pack of logos called xxxxx and then shared graphics WS change the folder and put another style called xaxaxaxaxa logos to upload to WorkShop, it takes like logos uploaded since then can not re-raise again whether or logos another style. It seems very limited workshop but left up logos of different styles. There solution to upload logos diferents styles?
  6. Yes work, but the time upload for logos pack is bad. ...very slow
  7. @ michaeltmurrayuk I get no tab. Not only that but when I click there hangs the cpu and the game stops responding. I have a intel i5 4670k and 16gb ram
  8. I want to upload logos, kits and skins. How's that for export? Where?
  9. Please can someone explain how to upload files to workshop ?? tanks.
  10. Please can someone explain how to upload files to workshop ?? tanks.
  11. would be good if this editor can not be used when playing online for no trap.
  12. In the new video published today in youtube ( ) It is the same to fm13 :/ .. ice effect remains. Besides the ball at times not seen. . has not improved at all FM. the 3d is still poor.
  13. Match engine 3D is very poor... the effect "air hockey" of the players and ball is very comic :/ sometimes happens that players follow along or stay in place doing moonwalk like michael Jakcson WTF o.O ohh miles i have game Original 12.1.2 just in case that Miles J. says another unfortunate phrase says 39USS pfff is the worst ME everyone's FM ... and goalkeppers better not say anything.
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