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  1. When you go football training in the morning and call ure managers tactics crap just cause you win champions league on a game Plan ure tranfers out for next season when the window closes comming up with a dance evry time you score when selecting team talk u actually talk and tell players what they have to do and hoping some way they heard you
  2. 1)Managers to have their own style in the tranfer market like arsne wenger buys youngsters etc... 2)SI to look atleast watch preimer league players instead of just making guesses about their stats i.e ronaldo flair 14 finishing 15 bendter finishing 18 composure 18 as u can tell hes cleary world class IRL allready.... the list goes on 3)a revamp of DMF and sweepers i do need an answer on this from si do u no what a a deffensive midfielders job is B) a sweepers job is cause they are crap thers no point having them on 08. they just stay in the position u put them in. sweepers dont cover the back 4 on FM08 its just another way to fit in more centre backs and deffensive midfielders are ment to cover the midfield
  3. drastic improvments in players... like youre in a league 2 side and one day one of your first team players stats start improving rapidly e.g of this is like ronaldo came back after the world cup and he was a powerhoused with lethal finishing or fabregas and adebayor instantly improving over the off season. this would mean all are wonderkids could take wonderkid to the next level where there still young but kik all other wonder kids ass. Just trying to say less steady improvments for wonderkids where 1 day they just transform into a indespensible player
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