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  1. Yes or cheaper unlockables so its fair on people who play FMC.
  2. We aren't demanding features two days after release, FMC was also in FM13 and at the same cost of unlockables. An extremely extortionate cost.
  3. Well I tweeted Miles about the issue and he couldn't give me a proper response only that we vote with our wallets and until then he doesn't care about us because people are lining his pockets with paying for unlockables.
  4. I think we all think that its unjustified that we can't have an IGE for FMC but its just another way for S.I to make money from us. Maybe Miles Jacobson is reading this thread and will drop his prices.
  5. I find it interesting how SI can charge £5 for 50 million in game currency, when if you buy the editor and play FM you can put in as much money are you want and that's only £4. Seems to me those who play FMC are getting a raw deal, which is a shame. Your thoughts?
  6. Can I just add that Asda currently has it in stock, and its cheap too so go there instead!
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