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  1. Cricket is a great sport until you spend five hours watching the ball fly over your head in the field.
  2. RyMaX

    Las Vegas Shootings

    Like their government is going to care how many guns they have, when they can just sit back hundreds of miles away and use a drone to put a bomb through your front door.
  3. My season came to an end on the weekend. Played 11 games (2 wins, 1 draw, 8 losses) Scored 93 runs @ 9.30. HS 25. Took 3 wickets @ 22.00. BB 2/27.
  4. Turn the TV on in the morning, Australia are already 4 down before reaching double figures. Just have to laugh.
  5. Change the names and this discussion could be about Australia instead.
  6. Season got underway today with a T20 game. Terrible form of cricket. Didn't bat or bowl but did take a catch.
  7. Played a practice game today ahead of our season. Wonderful 12 degree weather, on and off showers of rain, and an outfield that resembled a swamp in places. Managed to pick up 2/6 off 3 overs, took a catch when the batsman tried to put the ball into orbit and had to stand under it waiting for what felt like an age, then batted for a five ball duck.
  8. RyMaX

    Don Bradman Cricket 17 Out Now

    I hate this game. Right there on the verge of making my first ODI century, only to snick off on 99. Controller almost went through the TV.
  9. We (Australia) are so bad on the sub-continent it's laughable. Probably a good thing our tour of Bangladesh last year got called off. Sri Lanka are going to quadruple their test wins against us in one series.
  10. Pretty sure they're nearly all Afghanis.
  11. Ah the glorious feeling as someone who rarely gets to bowl when you take a wicket.
  12. Any of you guys who play cricket ever taken a hat trick or been playing in a game where one was taken?
  13. Can't blame him for not wanting to keep playing on these garbage flat pitches that we keep putting out.
  14. Probably not a good sign when the nearly 38 year old Chris Rogers has made half our score.