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  1. Messi £27M

    Make sure you play him in the right way by giving him the right player instructions like high creative freedom, lots of running with ball and little crossing, he sucks otherwise.. i know from experience
  2. speedy winger franco semioli from fiorentina to wigan for 1.9mil
  3. How is Higuain overrated? Hes so underrated - he scored 25 goals for Madrid last season and was one of their only good players
  4. How is Ibra overrated? You obviously don't watch any Italian football and are judging him based on a couple of Champions League matches - if you did you would know he is one of the best players in the world Anyway, the most overrated player in the game has to be Micah Richards definitely
  5. Changing league rep during a game?

    Yeah you can with FMRTE http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=57016
  6. Man U ruined!

    Actually we'd still be 2 pts behind United if that goal had stood at Stoke, so we'd still have lost
  7. Yeah but we don't sit staring at BBC football or MS Word for 12 hours, we do with FM.. have you never tried playing FM08 or 09 with the original skin for a long time like your customers do? It completely burns your eyes out - thats why everyone makes and downloads dark skins.. All we're asking is ship it with 2 skins, 1 light and 1 dark.. surely it wont be hard to do Also, its interesting you compared it to applications and websites - imho you should try and veer away from it trying to look like Facebook or something.. as the game progresses each year it becomes more time consuming and long winded, making it look less like a game and more like a spreadsheet just makes it "feel" more boring and more like a chore.. a black skin would make it feel like a game
  8. I was England manager and you can click 'reconsider retirement', like the way you can do with club players who are going to retire at the end of the season
  9. Your Favorite FM Player

    Carrizo for Lazio, legend for me on my lazio file.. unrealistic though seeing as he is crap in real life
  10. Best skin?

    Can't you just increase the size of the window and it will get rid of them?
  11. I wanna see other improvements on loans first, at the moment if yout ry to loan a young player the clubs think you want to buy him so they ask for an "initial fee" and stuff which is stupid.. Also there should be way more loans in the game than there is, between AI.. like 10 x more happen IRL
  12. most hated clubs in uk

    Everyone hates Man U and Chelsea
  13. just england and scotland cause the rest of the leagues suck
  14. Hes a better striker than the likes of Tevez and Aguero too in my opinion, Maradona is an idiot for never calling him up
  15. I hope SI bump Higuains stats right up next season, by far Madrid's best player last season.. not really saying a lot, but still.. great player