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  1. This year I was hoping for a better online experience, but the same issues are still there: -Speed! Or rather, the lack of. This is due to several things: -- Amount of news -- The game stops several times a day -- UI lag. It takes several seconds to change screens due to the amount of data being sent from the server. - Dedicated servers! This would be great to
  2. I would not be surprised if those changes had some unintended effect on other things during the match because I used to play a pretty standard 4-4-2 on all my saves and was doing good, and that tactic started to perform really bad on all my saves after the patch. Coincidence?
  3. If nothing has changed then I'm Djengis Kahn. I went from Serie A winners to relegation battle after the patch and so did my mate. On my Liverpool save I am also struggling after winning the premiership the season before. Something is not right.
  4. A much improved network game! This can be done by: - A less laggy UI. Waiting 2-10 seconds every time you click on a player\team\anything really is very annoying. I suspect this is due to the clients having to ask the server for info every time you click on something. Why can't the client have their own database stored locally and just updated every time something changes (this could be done in the background). Which brings me to my next point: - Less clicks per day. Why do we need to click continue 5+ times a day? One "continue" a day would suffice for most non-match days. - The ability to search for players\staff or do anything else while on holiday. The game could go on in the background while I could look at players etc.(but not interact with them in any way).
  5. I have noticed the following issues: - Still to many offsides after corners - Easy to score from corners (Daniel Agger is my top scorer with standard corner setup) - Scoring from headers after a cross from the wing happens very rarely even with a tall TM and cross aim TM - Scoring from direct free kicks happens very rarely
  6. Yes, as long as there are bugs in the major leagues (co-owning in Italy and, B-Teams in La liga, maybe other bugs in other leagues as well) I don't think they should be using resources on tier 7 or 8 in England. By stating that you want FM to be more local and should therefore include tier 7\8 clubs so that FM players start watching and playing their local team you assume that most FM players are English. I don't know the numbers, but I know that FM is very popular in many countries, and since we already have 6 playable tiers in England I feel SI should prioritize other nations/leagues not in the game yet. Since I usually play a top tier team in England, Norway, Spain or Italy I don't really care what leagues SI add, it just seems fair that they should add missing top tier leagues before they add more tiers in England. However, my main point is that SI should fix the major leagues before they add more minor leagues.
  7. Until they get Serie A and La Liga (and other top leagues that FM players actually play) working without serious bugs, they shouldn't concentrate on these leagues. How many would play a tier 7 club anyway? Very few is my guess, but I don't see a problem with adding these leagues once everything else is OK.
  8. One simple thing to help new players get into the game would be the ability to let the assman come up with a tactic. A check-box saying: "Let the assistant manager control match tactics" would let the assman take care of all the tactics and the player could pick the team (or let the assman do it) and buy players. The assman could also comment on his tactical choice: "I've chosen a defensive 4-5-1 tactic since we're playing Manchester United away. A defensive midfielder will help cover our defense. You should select a strong forward up front to hold up the ball until our midfield can join the attack. Quick midfielders will be an advantage since we want to hit them on the counter attack". During a match the player could chose to see the slider settings and how the assman changes them during the match to get an idea of how the sliders works, maybe with additional comments from the assman, like: "I'm changing to an attacking formation since we're one down" and the player would see the mentality (and other settings) change in real time.
  9. - A good transfer AI (this is a MUST!) - Intuitive tactics interface - Better player and press interaction - Better team talks
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