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  1. I'm playing a Save Game with the National Team of Antigua & Barbuda.... and a couple of issues turned up: At first, and something I discovered with a lot of "minnow" nations. Too many players quit their careers at an early age, especially when they are too good to participate in the national league, when their contracts are expired they usually wont find a club and, almost certainly, after a year finish their career. Most of the time it says that small American D2 teams have interest in signing a player, but never ever contracts are signed. Another "bug": Playing in the carribean cup, you usually have 3 games in 6 days, so my players are already tired prior the third game. The opponents usually still have full fitness levels, so it is almost impossible to win as my players are in their 70 %, while the other team fields players with 100% fitness.
  2. Dear claaßen, thanks for updating your files. Unfortunately the game crash dumps in May 2016, when you load all North American leagues + CFU CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB. I haven't found out which one causes the crash yet.
  3. well... almost there... it verifies for the regional division now, but not for the austrian first division now... http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=...68232089781725 for anyone eager to help
  4. Dear krlenjushka... i found the error, and after verifiying it...it seems to work!!! Thanks a lot though for your efford!!!
  5. yes, thats what the error message says... but one should be promoted directly from regional division east, while the leaders of regional division west and central have a playoff-game, with the winner going up...
  6. Thanks again for your help. I got rid of this message, but a new one occured. Maybe one can have a look at the file, because i don't seem to be able to do it... You can download it there: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=22786868232089781725
  7. It is a pity... i'am able to activate the regional divisions now, but a new message turns up, and i dont know what to do with it: Austrian Regional Division has not finished in time for the season update day 5/6/2016... how can i get rid of this?? This is strange, because the Austrian Season Update Day is saved as 7/10/2016...
  8. Thanks for your help krlenjushka. I' m almost there, but there is another issue: In Austria there is a certain promotion system. Every year there are three champions in the Regional Divisions East, West and Central, but only two are promoted. In reality they choose one team, which gets directly promoted (every year it is a different, random Division), the other two teams play a playoff in 2 legs. As i couldn't find a way to randomize one team to get promoted, i was wandering if it is possible to first sort the three Division champions by points, with the two remaining teams playing the play-off. It seems more legit this way. Do you have any ideas how to make this possible?
  9. krlenjushka: did you try to load the leagues in the game afterwards?
  10. Ok, i uploaded it. You'll find it as Austria-Error_9C305E57-7BF3-4590-A1ED-686C11608486.fmf
  11. This message turns up by using the standard data base with no changes made. Do you still want me to upload it? Right after activating the Regional Divisions?
  12. When one tries to activate the Austrian Regional Divisions (3rd level) on the editor, an error message turns up: Minimun number of teams for Austrian Regional Division East (16) conflicts with maximum number of teams from this competition required (0). I tried to change numbers in nation rules - Austrian Regional Division - General and/or Austrian Regional Division East - Min number of teams and/or Max number of teams, but the same error message turns up.
  13. I encountered the same problem, and have yet not found a solution to it. Maybe we should report it in the bugs forum?
  14. I know these settings, but obviously this part of the game is bugged