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  1. [Austria] (Official) Data Issues

    Update unattached players Austria: Rudolf Vogel (5609411) - player / first team manager Sportunion Hofstetten Adnan Özcan (5601523) retired Christoph Holzer (16008907) - Union Neuhofen Caner Öncel (16012544) - Union Perg Erich Weinerek (16009145) - player / first team manager USV Schrick Thomas Vieltorf (16044253) retired Christoph Hevera (5610109) - youth coach Wiener Sportklub Mario Plachy (16046554) retired Michael Gleixner (5607302) - youth coach FC Stadlau... plays only Futsal now Daniel Jank (16011247) - SCG Eckartsau Radovan Mitrovic (37013845) - SC Süssenbrunn Can Michael Nural (16162668) - SK Slovan HAC Andreas Kögl (16023669) - ASV Neufeld an der Leitha Pascal Legat (16096523) - SG Chiemgau Traunstein Marco Hödl (16147661) - SKN St.Pölten II Sebastian Dirnberger (16155560) - Neuhofen 1b Keep up the good work!
  2. Dear claaßen, thanks for updating your files. Unfortunately the game crash dumps in May 2016, when you load all North American leagues + CFU CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB. I haven't found out which one causes the crash yet.
  3. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    well... almost there... it verifies for the regional division now, but not for the austrian first division now... http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=...68232089781725 for anyone eager to help
  4. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    Dear krlenjushka... i found the error, and after verifiying it...it seems to work!!! Thanks a lot though for your efford!!!
  5. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    yes, thats what the error message says... but one should be promoted directly from regional division east, while the leaders of regional division west and central have a playoff-game, with the winner going up...
  6. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    Thanks again for your help. I got rid of this message, but a new one occured. Maybe one can have a look at the file, because i don't seem to be able to do it... You can download it there: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=22786868232089781725
  7. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    It is a pity... i'am able to activate the regional divisions now, but a new message turns up, and i dont know what to do with it: Austrian Regional Division has not finished in time for the season update day 5/6/2016... how can i get rid of this?? This is strange, because the Austrian Season Update Day is saved as 7/10/2016...
  8. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    Thanks for your help krlenjushka. I' m almost there, but there is another issue: In Austria there is a certain promotion system. Every year there are three champions in the Regional Divisions East, West and Central, but only two are promoted. In reality they choose one team, which gets directly promoted (every year it is a different, random Division), the other two teams play a playoff in 2 legs. As i couldn't find a way to randomize one team to get promoted, i was wandering if it is possible to first sort the three Division champions by points, with the two remaining teams playing the play-off. It seems more legit this way. Do you have any ideas how to make this possible?
  9. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    krlenjushka: did you try to load the leagues in the game afterwards?
  10. Austria League- Cannot activate 3rd level

    I encountered the same problem, and have yet not found a solution to it. Maybe we should report it in the bugs forum?
  11. Austrian Regional Divisions

    I know these settings, but obviously this part of the game is bugged
  12. Austrian Regional Divisions

    Actually, i tried to figure something out with the editor. It did change the league sizes after a simulated season, but there are still 2 or 3 teams distributed to the wrong division.
  13. Austrian Regional Divisions

    I try to recreate the Austrian League Structure, which in 3rd tier splits up into three regional divisions (Central, West, East). In the Central Division there are the teams from the Counties Styria, the Carinthians and Upper Austria, in Reagional Div. West there are Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg and in the East we find teams from Upper Austria, Vienna and Burgenland. In 4th tier these 3 Divisions split into the so called Landesligen, over all there are 9 of them representing each county. The problem with the game is, if for example two teams from Styria get relegated from 3rd to 4th tier, they don't automatically go to Landesliga Styria, but a randomly chosen team gets picked to play in a different Division of the same tier, no matter if its from a totally different county, so the league size of 16 stays the same. To achieve more realism and to solve the i want to have varying league sizes for 3rd and 4th tier, depending on promotion/relegation places. Has anyone tried or succesfully achieved this yet?
  14. The Intertoto-Cup was more or less a qualifikation round to the UEFA-Cup, but the Cup Winners Cup didn't disappear, it combined with the UEFA-Cup to form the new EUROPA LEAGUE, so in fact in my opinion it is worth mentioning it