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  1. I had not "start screen" file.I added it and deleted"intro panel.xml" and I do not have problem anymore. Thanks michaeltmurrayuk
  2. Excuse me for the translation it's Google :o I have a problem which I do not manage to solve. I want to change these buttons "intro panel.xml" <!-- Small buttons along the bottom of screen --> <container id="minb" height="39"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" /> <!-- footer graphic under the minor buttons --> <widget class="picture" id="pict" file="main menu/bar" auto_size="vertical" cached="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" /> </widget> <container> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="left,extend" offset="10" gap="5" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="7" layout_children="true" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="5" /> <!-- Preferences --> <widget class="button" id="abvm" click_event="PLSM" auto_size="all" [color="#FF0000"]appearance="button/match/button"[/color]> <translation id="text" translation_id="229824" type="use" value="Preferences" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="255121" type="use" value="Change your game preferences.[COMMENT: intro screen: preferences button hint]" /> <record id="click_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="PREF" /> <flags id="event_target" value="scrC" /> </record> </widget> <!-- Online Game Settings --> <widget class="button" auto_size="all" click_event="NWST" id="nwgs" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="349026" type="use" value="Online Game Preferences[COMMENT: preferences section title]" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="338956" type="use" value="Click here to change online game settings.[COMMENT - hint text for button which displays network game settings]" /> </widget> <!-- Store - Needs a click event added --><!-- <widget class="button" text="Store[COMMENT: game.xml, text for the Football Manager Store, where user can buy additional content and unlockables for use in FMC]" auto_size="all" id="stor" appearance="button/match/button" click_event="STOR"> <string id="hint" value="Click here to access the FM Store, where you will be able to purchase additional content and unlockables for use in Classic mode[COMMENT: game.xml, hint text for the Football Manager Store, where user can buy additional content and unlockables for use in FMC]"/> </widget>--> <!-- Activate (only for digital download that requires a manual activation or copy protection that has activation/deactivation --> <widget class="button" id="itma" hidden="true" auto_size="all" click_event="ACTI" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="256723" type="use" value="Activate[COMMENT: Intro Screen: Button text for activating a serial number manually (only valid for versions distributed through digital download systems.]" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="289174" type="use" value="Choose this option to activate your copy.[COMMENT: Tooltip for button that activates the game (if copy protection or digital download requires this).]" /> </widget> <!-- Deactivate (only for digital download that requires a manual activation or copy protection that has activation/deactivation --> <!-- Position is the same as for activate, only one of them is visible at any time --> <widget class="button" id="itmd" hidden="true" auto_size="all" click_event="DCTI" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="289176" type="use" value="Deactivate[COMMENT: Text for deactivating a copy of the game (displayed for digital download versions or copy protection systems that has activation/deactivations]" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="289175" type="use" value="Choose this option to deactivate your copy.[COMMENT: Tooltip for button/menu that deactivates the game (if copy protection or digital download requires this).]" /> </widget> <!-- View Match --> <widget class="button" id="abvm" click_event="PLSM" auto_size="all" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="242332" type="use" value="View Match" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="248053" type="use" value="Choose this option to watch a previously saved match." /> </widget> <!-- Credits --> <widget class="button" auto_size="all" click_event="CRED" id="hoft" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="247992" type="use" value="Credits" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="255106" type="use" value="Click here to see the people behind [%string#1 - current name of game, e.g. FM2007].[COMMENT - hint text for button which displays game credits]" /> </widget> <!-- Manual --> <widget class="how_to_icon_button" id="mnBT" auto_size="all" click_event="OHLP" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="326982" type="use" value="Manual" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="329225" type="use" value="Click here to read the online manual.[COMMENT - hint text for button on start screen which links to the online manual]" /> </widget> <!-- Leaderboards --> <widget class="button" id="lbBT" auto_size="all" click_event="LDRB" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="335142" type="use" value="Leaderboards[COMMENT: section title for leaderboard section]" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="351942" type="use" value="Click here to view the leaderboards.[COMMENT - hint text for button on start screen which links to the leaderboards]" /> </widget> <!-- Quit --> <widget class="button" auto_size="all" id="qttx" appearance="button/match/button"> <translation id="text" translation_id="248058" type="use" value="Quit" /> <translation id="hint" translation_id="255120" type="use" value="Choose this option to exit [%string#1 - current name of game, e.g. FM2007] and return to the real world...[COMMENT - hint text for button to exit game]" /> <record id="click_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="QUIT" /> <flags id="event_target" value="scrC" /> </record> </widget> </container> </container> <!-- manager picture on the right hand side --> <widget class="picture" id="bkg2" file="main menu/manager" transparency="1.0" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="right" exclude_from_find="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" /> <!-- Slide on from right of screen --> <animation class="translate_animation" start_value="0.7,0" end_value="0,0" duration="0.5" end_mode="hold_end" tween="ease_out" coord_mode="relative_to_screen" /> </widget> <!-- when visible, this panel will cover the movie test panel and take mouse/key events --> <container class="splash_movie_panel" id="spmp" movie_finish_event="spmf" hidden="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" /> </container> </panel> But if I change the aspect of buttons this place there is nothing ... I put the "intro panel".xml in my skin and buttons change But now i have a BIG problem. When i click a button the result is strange ... If somebody could help me ... Thanks
  3. Petite mise à jour pour les logos. Vous pourrez choisir entre 3 versions: Pas de Logo - Logo Classique - Logo Background
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