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  1. A couple of things I can think of to improve: - Ability to request expansion of scouting network - if you're a lower league club, with a bit of money, but are limited to scouting your region, if you could request to be able to scout a different region as well. You would also be able to issue ultimatums over this as well - Expansion of the confidence section, to include how the board feels about you as a manager - e.g. 'The board is disappointed with the playing style used by the team at the moment', or 'The board is pleased that you rejected the manager offer from X', or other general statements. I would also like to see a part about how the fans feel about player departures, along the lines of 'Spokesperson feels that the sale of X was a good piece of business', or 'Spokesperson thinks that Y had great potential and should not have been allowed to leave'.
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