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  1. Is there any way to include the hidden attributes like the image below? Is there a panel I can copy over or anything? Thanks.
  2. I think that pencil icon is for the In Game Editor
  3. I've got some stuff from FM Scout but the city one has added as backgrounds instead of in the club view?
  4. Hey buddy, It's a nice skin, using it at the mo! Just a quick question, where did you get the images for the stadium and city from? Thanks.
  5. Antonio Marin, can use either foot. I got him for £1.6m.
  6. I'm guessing this has been put on the back burner? Shame, really useful app!
  7. New version doesn't seem to work for me, just says Idle in the corner.
  8. Tried to go to the link to post an enhancement but it justs ays 404, page not found, so figured I may as well post it here. Not sure if it's already available, if so, I've not figured out how but to be able to see what players will look like at their PA. If it's at all possible.
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