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  1. Antonio Marin, can use either foot. I got him for £1.6m.
  2. Having problems with this on Mac, just can't get it to work, my thumb drive is called USB, so would my path be USB:\FM? EDIT: Finally got it working. Had to do volumes\usb\fm for it to work.
  3. Yeah he cost me £45m, so not a cheap option! He's been well worth it so far though.
  4. He's not Brazilian, but I can recommend Benjamin Henrichs from Leverkusen, ratings are constantly 7s, I play him as a WB - S and he's getting an assist every 2 games which isn't bad for a full back. He can also play on the left, he's rather versatile!
  5. Not sure if he's classed as a gem, but he's certainly been that for me! Connor Ronan, starts at Wolves, might be able to get him cheap as he starts in the u23's. I don't know how much he costs because I started as Wolves. As you can see, his performances for me since I started have been very good for someone so young. Mainly plays as an AM or Treq behind 2 strikers depending who we play.
  6. Awful news, RIP Kriss. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  7. Name: Jesús Vallejo Age: 18 Nationality: Spanish Club: Real Madrid (On loan at Zaragoza) Position: DC Value: Worth around £10m at the start of the second season. Sale Value: I paid his minimum fee which was £28.5m Work Permit Needed?: No
  8. Hi Fenech, Managed to find this thread after it was linked to in a team guide, I forget who's now. Loved the write up and the style of football you wanted from your tactic, so decided to give it a go, new save, plugged in from pre-season and suffice to say it's done the business, won the title with 6 games to go. Few screenies of stuff below. First Team Second Team League Table Fixtures On top of that, in the second leg against Madrid, I won 4-0! Absolutely smashing it with this.
  9. Indeed it was, I used the exact same, it was fantastic!
  10. No idea what I'm doing wrong but cannot get the panels to work on any skin? Did the new patch disable them or something?
  11. Name: Munir. Position: Striker (Centre)/ AMC (RLC) Age: 18. Club: Barcelona. Value: £5.5m. Sale Value: N/A. Work Permit Needed: No. He looks awesome, I don't think he'll be able to be signed straight away, maybe the season after and it may take a hefty bid looking at those stats. (Right click and view image in new tab if it's too small)
  12. Got nobody in the eligible countries that could order it for you?
  13. I thought that too, think Dirty Harry was being a bit harsh there in my opinion.
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