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  1. True Tubey. Never seen this before, went on to player interaction and there was an option "tell him he is like Bramble" Did that never see him again.
  2. Goals53

    New Game.

    Thanks everyone one for your suggestions. After my exams I will start a game! Still not sure. I fancy Villa! Just
  3. Goals53

    New Game.

    I have done a Barca season got annoyed three seasons in a row lost the title to Real on the last game of the season. Zlatan is a little overraed in my opinion! Bristol Rovers? I don't really know any of there players would be hard. MAN CITY NEVER!
  4. Goals53

    New Game.

    Thanks. Otherwise it would ruin my life more then it already has . Uni next year so need to concentrate. Yeah Man United, but started two seasons with them now and it same old same old. I need a challenge. Notts County was boring. Sunderland was HARD. Millwall never really started... Any Ideas?
  5. I had a player dubbed the new Titus Bramble! How embarassing for a 16 year old to be compared to him? TBH he was just like Bramble made a mistake every week without failure! Brilliant.
  6. Want to start a new game, but do not know who to be. I am going to wait for the patch after the transfer window and after my examss. Anyone got an idea who I should be? Was kinda looking at Valencia?
  7. Go on The Magpiessss! Europa League here you come
  8. Good Luck Europe next season surely if Spurs get there?
  9. ATM they are it is only 13 games in? So hopefully I dont get the boot lol!
  10. Thanks and ATM I am 8th after 13 games! So not bad. However this season I did get beat 8-2 at the New Den :|
  11. Thanks all for your help! Will update later with end of season update Hopefully with some good news
  12. Thank you Joe! What about Mattock? Or Overrated? I need another decent centre back aswell. Any opinions? Cheap though everyone
  13. Hey All Just started my second season as Notts County boss. My first season was pretty good, I won promotion to the championship with two games to spare and thus winning the league. First season I only bought Matt Ritchie permantley and that is all. Second season I am half way through and below is my squad and the signings that I made: GK:Shemichel(Or however you spell LOL) DF:Bakayoko(Free Transfer) DF: De Laet(Free Transfer) DF: Daniel Ayala(Free Transfer) DF:Martin Kelly(Loan, Liverpool) DF:Thompson DF:Godwin Antwi(Free) DF:Chuck MF:Sarki(Free,Chelsea) MF:Matt Ritchie(£1.2 Mill) MF:Nicky Butt(Free) MF:Luka Senacanin(Free, Wonderkid for me) MF:Johnnie Jackson MF:Ben Davies ST: Dave Nugent(£1.4 Mill, Burnley) ST:Simeon Jackson(900k, Gillingham) ST:Febian Brandy(Free, Man United) ST:Karl Hawley ST:Lee Hughes ST:Jermaine Beckford(£2.5 Mill, Leeds)(3 appearences. No Goals!)(Injured 8 weeks :@) Seasons going alright! Midtable, Johnny Howson will be arriving in January! To improve the CMs. I play a 4-3-1-2! Been pretty good.
  14. I didn't butcher just bought in someone to be better then Nani! He is one of the worst players in the united squad. BTW Hargreaves in my eyes is immense.