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  1. about match prep, do you only use workload low and very low?? or using average or high can be useful with this tactic?? also one more thing what is the pitch size??
  2. does this work with lower league teams?? i'm strugling with woking right now, and what is the most suitable version for 11.2.1?? also what is the OI, match prep setup??
  3. can anyone post player requirement for each position and any OI match prep setup for this one?? and also the mr hough search filter please...
  4. what is the player skill needed for the DMC position and goalkeepers??
  5. which is the best v1, v2 or v2.1?? and does the player req, team instruction, OI, match prep same as the original mr hough??
  6. Pyramid - FM11 4-3-2-1

    been using this with my local indonesian team, and having some huge wins but also huge loses especially away and the goalie perform very bad... i'll post screenshots later... but quite great setup if have right players...
  7. Pyramid - FM11 4-3-2-1

    where do i place this??
  8. Football Manager 2011 demo information

    when will non steam released??
  9. any recommendation for south east asia?? which store have FM preorder that can deliver the game here??
  10. Playing a LAN game with a friend using Braintree.... many memorable moments...
  11. Player highlight in national team

    anyone?? no...
  12. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    For strikers there is: Advanced Forward. Dribbling Finishing First Touch Composure Off The Ball Deep Lying Forward. Creativity Decisions First Touch Off The Ball Technique Passing. Which one should I use since both are for forward??
  13. I just realized that when my players called by their national team, they are not highlighted in the national team squad page, how can i make it highlight so i can recognized if there is a player of mine in a natonal team??
  14. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    Thanks for the classic version, the tactics rocks!!!! I'm playing in Indonesian league and dominating the league in mid season. Used Tugs training and the link for the team talks in page 1 and work awesome. Just a note the player skill is not that good in Indonesia so I didnt fullfill the player attribute requirement for each position but still mange to trash other teams. Table: Only problem is when a player got injured it is always long term injury (minimum 1 month) does anybody experience this too?? Also for the classic version what is the player attribute requirement for the strikers?? because the ones in page 1 I believe is for the qizard version right?? Anyway thanks for making me play FM again. Cheers.