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  1. No problem! Glad I was of help. And after 2 days, I can confirm that this solution is still working. Playing at very high quality, with custom graphics, no crash in 2 days.
  2. Don't know if I can share links from outside here, but what I did was a simple search on google on how to update BIOS on asus laptop. Basically you have to download a software from ASUS website called "winflash" and run it. It's actually quite easy to do. That said, do it carefully and only if you know what you are doing.
  3. That's a very good news. Hope this helps other users which have encountered the same problem. I am running the latest drivers from ASUS website. In my case, for the model GL553VD. If you have this, or a similar model, I also suggest to update the BIOS, as it seems to fix some stability issues.
  4. Quick update as I think I might have found the solution. This is what I read in another forum Since I did this no crash occurred to me, and I was running the game at very high quality (after trying with high, which also did not crash)
  5. Well, now I think I've tried everything. First tried to new drivers from today: crash. Then I downgraded to March's drivers: crash. I then updated the BIOS and installed the graphic drivers from the ASUS website of a very similar model of my laptop (mine is ASUS FX553VD, and I installed GL553VD, which seems to be pretty much the same, even the BIOS is the same), since I read that this model has problems with NVIDIA drivers. Well, after that, still got crashes. I ran out of options and I'm really frustrated.
  6. Yes, I understand you're talking about the NVIDIA drivers, but there are two versions which came out in March. Version 391.35 (March 27) and 391.24 (March 20). Would you know which one of those is supposed to work? Anyway, I'll try the new ones first
  7. There is actually a new driver version with just came out today, would you suggest trying that one instead? Also, to which March version of the drivers are you referring to?
  8. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll give it a try a give you a feedback.
  9. As an update, I am now getting crashes when playing with "medium" as well, although less often than when playing with higher quality settings. It is clearly a problem with NVIDIA graphic cards, because I switched to my INTEL integrated graphic card and I haven't gotten any crash so far. Hope the issue will be fixed in next patches,
  10. This is the same issue I'm having. With old drivers: freeze, with new drivers: crash. They came back as soon as I reinstalled the new drivers, it's a NVIDIA related problem, as this seems to be happening to a lot of NVIDIA users. Anyway, switching to "medium" graphic quality solves it. Not very happy with this solution though, hope it will be fixed in the future.
  11. I have only tried on full screen, however the game just froze when saving without even alt tabbing, so I don't think that's the issue. And I'm playing with the new public beta. I'll go back to the nvidia drivers from their website, as the ASUS ones don't seem to really solve any problem, they actually slowed down the game (also noticed with other games). I guess the solution would be playing at medium quality as I did in the beta, but first I'm gonna give it a new try with the most updated drivers. It's kind of frustrating not being able to play at high/very high quality when you have a machine that is definitely able to hande it.
  12. I have the same problem, when alt+tab while saving. I had a similar problem with the beta, with the game crashing 2 out 3 times while saving (even created my own thread), solved by switching to medium graphics quality. Same problem I had it with the full version, so I did a clean uninstall of the nvidia drivers and reinstalled the ones found in the ASUS website (although they are about 1 year outdated) as recommended in one of your guides, which seems to have solved the crashing problem, but I am now getting freeze screen when alt tabbing.
  13. I solved the problem with the suggestion in this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/368978-Known-issues-Workshop-14.1.3-PLEASE-READ A crash/hang/freeze in the Workshop Please move or rename your graphics folder before booting FM, so this is not read by the Workshop. So i renamed my "graphics" folder, and everything works fine now.
  14. I'm getting it too. I closed the game through the task manager and opened it again... still not working.
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