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  1. FM 2012: Aberdeen FC team guide - The Quest for Star Three

    Great thread as always Cadijk
  2. My new save, just started a couple of days ago, Im still in 1st season, I have won the league cup (1-0 vs Rangers, Danny "Plays on the left, plays on the right, makes Barry Robson look ***** scored the winner), and am top by 4 points over Celtic with 4 games to go (played them in 1st game of split drew 1-1 at Celtic Park), and due to play Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup semi final in my next game. This season in Europe I qualified for the Europa League group stages but finished last in my group - Won 2, lost 4. My 2 wins were at home were my style of play was suited to going at teams, but I'll maybe have to try something a little different next year if i make champions league in my away games as my team is very open - not a problem in the SPL but difficult in European games.
  3. Ian How about playing Russell at AML and Swanson at AMC?
  4. Ian - Conor Ramsey from St Mirren is a good bet for the future, as is Adam Dougan from QOTS. As for a AMC - Do you still have Danny Swanson? Gary Harkins may be worth a shout (I know, he is from the wee team but IIRC he has good stats)
  5. Good luck with your save Raith, team looks good - but if it were me I would have D.Rob removed from that team, dont think he is quite good enough for the deep lying playmaker role, Scott Robertson or Danny Swanson would be a better option.
  6. FM11 David Goodwillie

    Hardly an idiot if his agent touts him.....but yes, he is very difficult for a club like united who are small in the scheme of world football, to hang onto. If your playing as United you must offer him an extended deal in this first season. If you dont he will start requesting 8k+ second seaon.
  7. FM11 David Goodwillie

    Can i just add - What a goal at the weekend against Motherwell!!!! Have a look on youtube, bbc site etc to check it out
  8. Good stuff, im not to sure what to make of him just yet IRL, he seems to be more a ball playing centre half, is fairly poor in the air.
  9. Sorry for the delay in updating - busy private life right now baby and work etc! Finished season 1 with Dundee United, no new signings, wanted to try playing a Barca style 4-3-3 with the original squad. Sold Darren Dods for 200K, Andis Shala for 170K and David Robertson for 500K. As stated previously gave Gomis, Buaban, Scott Robertson, Goodwillie and Craig Conway new contracts. Played a 4-3-3 lining up with a flat back 4, flat central middle 3, and 3 central strikers. When fit, I lined up with : GK Pernis DR Watson DC Kenneth DC Severin DL Douglas (edged it over Dixon, Douglas played about 75% of games) MC Gomis MC Buaban MC Robertson FC Conway FC Goodwillie FC Russell Swanson and Dillon played a huge part aswell, Swanson often covering for MC or Conway up front (Had conway retraining as a striker, he played so well up front on right hand side) and Dillon filling in at DC or DR. Took my inspiration for designing my tactic from Heathxxx and the Barca tactics floating about on the tactics forum, the midfield 3 utterly dominated most games with the short passing game I played, while the 3 up front ran riot. Finished the season Champions with Goodwillie notching up 37 goals, and won the Scottish cup. Now I have won the League before in previous saves but not in playing so much great football. 4-3-3 is a first for me - I usually stick to 4-4-2, but the 4-3-3 seems to suit united on FM11 as you can get all 3 MC playing together, rather than picking 2 in a 4-4-2. Season 2 - Russell, Pernis and Kenneth all with 12 months left on contracts. Pernis and Kenneth signed up on approx 3K a week, Russell wanted 5.5K minimum! Was swiftly told to **** off, signed up Leigh Griffiths from the wee team who is replacing Russell who will drop to bench until he backs down his demands (to be fair, Griffiths is prob a better player). Signed a few up and coming newgens I scouted. Champ league qualifiers - Beat BATE 4-1 on agg (3-1 at Tannadice, 1-0 away) Beat Anderlecht on away goals 3-3 (1-0 at Tannadice, 2-3 away) Have drawn Benfica, Man Utd and Juventus. Stay tuned for screenshots coming soon! Baz.
  10. He was with the Ajaxs reserve team, hes maybe only in the U19? Try asking in the Ajax thread they might know more about him, I have to admit until he signed for United I had never heard of him! I've had a long term Telford career on the go but have just come back to starting a new united career, working through pre season, not brought anyone in yet as I increased Gomis, Buaben, Robertson, Goodwillie and Conways contract. Will give a full preseason update tonight
  11. FM11 David Goodwillie

    Unfortunately he is an easy target for fans, particularly aberdeen fans who are still raging about his cup winning season while they achieved.....well..........nothing. However, this isnt the thread to talk about stuff like that, Goodwillie in my experience on the game is superb, get him in the poacher role and you have a great young player, in my experience its impossible to hold onto him unfortunatlely he always goes for big money.
  12. FM11 David Goodwillie

    Teckletoby is a legend
  13. Yes, hes left United in real life to go to uni I believe
  14. Indeed, which makes this thread all the better as there is a lot of support and advice. Pirez is a good player, and still young enough to work with to (hopefully) become a top striker. You been given a parent club yet? I got Exeter (wow).