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  1. After some games I keep getting asked at the press conference how I feel now after resting players yet all the players in my match day squad are all in the senior squad, not played in the reserves and half what I've brought in and half of what the squad was originally when the game started. Anything within the squad itself you have to do as this question is rather annoying when you haven't rested any player? Just for extra details, managing Solihull Moors and it is the 18/09/10 in the game i'm playing.
  2. My Computer seems to handle 14 leagues reasonably well when I do a challenging start unemployed game. The countries I have set, all playable and all divisions are: England Scotland Wales N. Ireland Rep. of Ireland Italy Germany Spain France Portugal Russia Netherlands Argentina Brazil
  3. I started unemployed on 11.2.1 with Sunday League footballer status and 14 countries running and got a job at Bromely in the Blue Square South as the new consortium sacked the manager after the opening round of the BSS. When trying on previous updates normally took a whole season to go by before landing a managerial post.
  4. Got a screen shot of the highest so far in mine which is Bojan to Barcelona from Birmingham City for £51m. Currently up to the 2018-19 season on my game. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=131200 This is on FM09
  5. Here is one which looks silly and this is the most expensive transfer to take place on my FM09 game.