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  1. Currently AZ Alkmaar. Was really under performing until I used this tactic. Ajax were top and FC Twente were 5th and I was in 17th. So far this tactic is working wonders. In the Ajax game my Target man was phenomenal, the best I've seen him play all season. Put 3 in the net but 2 were disallowed for offside and a foul. My players play with a lot more fluidity. This tactic is brilliant so far. I'll use it until the end of the season and let you know if it drops in performance and things.
  2. Hi! I used the 09 tactic back in the day with bradford and it worked immensely. Hope to see similar results this time around. I'll download the FM10 version and let you know how it goes!
  3. Doing Very well with bradford at the moment, I'm finally understand the tactics now I found that throwing this tactic and buying 11 new players for your position isn't the way to go. I find its imperative for your team to gel to get the best out of this tactic. With my Bradford side I only signed 4 new people to cover certain areas of my team and I'm performing well . Tyler it al depends on what tacitcs you're making? Would they be Shut up Shop etc....? I'd be more than happy to help you test them aswell.
  4. What team are you? If you're a struggling team then drop the mentality about 3-5 depending on the opposition. If your defenders are not as fast as required then drop the defensive live a bit, this also helps if their strikers are fast. I find these help better in the second half because usually I perform pretty well in the first half, then they attack me in the second. Changing these settings usually combats the fatigue my team has received and the oppositions decision to attack more.
  5. Brilliant update, thanks for the information about changing the tactics around. I started a new game a Bradford which is going alright at the moment. I'll follow you tactics, they're similar to mine but a bit more in depth and they also make sense. Update coming soon.
  6. I've had this on both occasions Then I struggle through the season.
  7. TYLER I'm going to do this with bradford. I think my main problem was buying and selling too many players in a short space of time which meant that people werent gelling and the language barriers etc.... I'll let you know how I get on. I'm predicted 3rd
  8. Is this successful for you ? I' just thinking that if Tyler Bode hasn't uploaded it himself then they must be a reason why he hasnt ?
  9. .rar should work fine on a mac.. they have their own built in unzipper :s
  10. Enes Sipovic, David Prieto or Vadim Demidov are decent signings if you need some help
  11. I've given up on this.... Thanks for your help but 3 seasons buying the correct players and following this thread and still not producing good results? This tactics isnt good for me just like everything else in FM09. FM08 please. Bye
  12. Beat relegation which is what I was told to do since the media though I would go down. The fact I didnt have Lavezzi and Johnson 5 months didn't help either. Shifting lots of dead wood post season and I'll show you my new signings.
  13. Totally agree...tyler can give you the tactic but he can't play the damn game for you aswell. Finding players is easy enough, hes even provided the vital attributes for this tactic. Anyway, Lavezzi and Johnson are back and I followed your advice with lowering the mentality. Its working great at the moment, giving that I'm Fulham with a somewhat weaker squad. Results are turning around. Since altering the mentality I've gone from 17th to 14th. I lower it down about 3-4 notches depending on how hard they are. I'll post up my final season standings later, only got a few games to go. Thanks again tyler, persistence has really pulled off!
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