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  1. Hey knap I have been using Pathways with my Derby Team and got promoted to the Prem. I am 10th after 6 games so not to bad but wanted to know what tactics you would suggest to help me kick on and stay safe.
  2. @knap I used your Beowulf 4231 from 19 and it was amazing. I started a new save in 20 with Derby and while it worked in Pre Season it has failed in the championship. Any recommendations on how to tweak it for a team expected to finish top half? I have bought players based on the formation so not keen to change it all around. Cheers
  3. Knap which tactic would you use for a Leeds team that finished 4th in the Premier League in the 2nd season but still has a suspect back line? My tactic that I used is really struggling so looking to change it up against top teams.
  4. Woodburn doesn't usually play there, I'm not even sure how he got there. The fullbacks seem to still like to get forward I think due to there nature anyway, so while they don't bomb forward the definitely do make decent attacking runs. I did also think about changing one of them to a WB-S on the same side as the IF. Aside from the changes you suggested was there anything else that stands out?
  5. So my very successful tactic from FM 17 is struggling some what in FM 18. I have read @Rashidi's book which is how I came up with the tactic in the first place but I just seem to be struggling in all areas at the moment. Any thoughts, comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Team instructions are in the screen shot Player instructions are as follows GK - Roll it out to FB FB - Get Further Forward
  6. Yeah I have tried a couple of times to sign him with no luck. I tried to get an affiliate club to loan him to but the option wasn't available. @TheYurpman out of interest are you still using the tactic that you posted on page 2?
  7. I've noticed a lot of people signing Rajkovic. I had an offer accepted but coldnt get a work permit. How are people getting around that?
  8. Yeah sounds like we are pretty close. I had actually just switched to a CM (D) but changed the CM (A) to AP (A) but will see how it goes with your way. I had it on wide to try and spread the field and create spaces so I will give that a try to. What did you have your front 3 set as?
  9. I have been using my own version of a 4-3-3 Wide formation for a number of seasons with a lot of success. Due to that success I have started to struggle to break teams down and would like some suggestions as to ways I can mix things up. I have changed to Standard and Very Fluid which has increased by shots on target but I think it might leave me open at the back. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. I am in my 3rd Season with Middlesbrough after taking them to eight in the Premier League and winning the FA Cup. I would like to give one of these a go and was after some advice. I have an ok side but our work rate and team work is low which I am slowly improving. I was thinking of using the Mourhino set do you think this could work with a midtable side
  11. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! while you are building your squad I am assuming you are still running the tactic even though you may not have the players to suit in the beginning? I was using your 4-1-4-1 Modern style with my Middlesbrough team in the Championship and cleaned up but obviously once I made it to the Premiership my team struggled against bigger teams. My team have very low work rate which I am trying to improve but obviously financial restrictions mean it will take me a lot longer.
  12. Your Thunder Chief tactic was awesome last year even with the 4-2-3-1 tweak. I really enjoyed the football it played as it was not all about possession. Are there any changes you would make for FM17 or do you have any plans to create a formation with wide players? KUTGW
  13. So I have had a look and my teams mental attributes are extremely low and everything else is just below average. I have been trying to bring in players with higher work rate and team work but it was a weakness in the squad from the time I took over. I might have a look at your Wales tactic
  14. Hey Ozil I have used this tactic with great success in the Championship with Middlesbrough. I smashed all records in the Championship and got promoted and have still had pretty good success my only issue is that when I play any of the "top 6" I don't just lose, I get destroyed. I lost 5-1 to Tottenham and 5-2 to Liverpool who were 18th at the time and they just seem to pass the ball around my players like they aren't even there. I have small tweaks that I have tried like dropping the D-line and I don't seem to have an issue with the ball but when ever they have it is just an avalanche of players pouring forward and my guys doing the best they can to get out of the way. If any one has any ideas how to sure this up it would be appreciated as the football my team plays can be superb.
  15. knap do you use the full version of the game?
  16. Hey mate, is there much difference from what is shown in the images?
  17. Yeah I went back to my old 16 game and it was in there too. Was thinking of changing to a CM(S) and altering the PI to match
  18. I noticed that you have the CM(D) set to close down much less but he has the default of close down much more. I have tried to select it and it defaults back each time, would you look at a change of role?
  19. No worries, just something that interested me when using your tactics. Are you able to post a screenshot of the Asymetric tactic? I am at work at the moment so cant download it yet to look at it. Cheers
  20. I enjoy using your tactics but notice that they always seem to have a lot of team instructions, which goes against the advise I generally see around the forum. Would be interested to get your thoughts. Thanks
  21. Hey Ozil I am currently managing Rangers and have tried to come up with a 4-1-2-3 variant using close to the same style. If you could have a look and let me know what you think that would be great. (At work so no screenshots just yet.) DLF (S) W(S) IF(S) CM(S) CM(A) DLP(D) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) GK(D) I used the same TI's but took it of Very Fluid when my team just ran around like headless chickens and dropped it to Flexible and dropped the defensive line to Normal. This resulted in a 4-1 win after being 1-0 down. I have Celtic next so that should be a test. Any feedback would be great. Cheers
  22. O-zil I am assuming this style will still work on FM17? The tactic I used last year has struggled so far so I am looking for something else. I like the look of you 4-3-3 which I will try with the 3-4-3 instructions but my team is set up already for 4-2-3-1.
  23. 10-3 I have just finished reading The Rat Pack after reading Raising Cain and while the writing is amazing in both I have one question....... What the hell happened to Rob and Patty???????
  24. Oh okay that makes sense. It was the 3 that threw me as I call that shape a 41221DM. I completely agree about keeping it simple and its only in the last few weeks that I have realised that is the way to go. I have just looked at the IF PI's and there is an option for him to stay wider, which could potentially give me the width needed. If I change Couthino's PI and add stay wider (his finishing is 12) while being able to play 2 IF's it might be enough.
  25. I use Ward-Prowse in the middle usually and rotate the right between Ibe and Odegaard with Clyne at RB which makes for great attacking down that side (until it comes to scoring obviously). I had both my normal RB's out with injury so had to put Stones in there. I check Rodriguez PPM and he has Trys to play out of trouble & Likes to switch ball to other flank so he should be ok.
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