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    Currently working for a Financial Advisers providing I.T Support. I have my own website were I offer IT Repairs for a fair price.

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    "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Here are screenshots of my Champions League campaign so far: As you can see above, I have had a fantastic start to the Champions League, I only conceded 2 goals in 12 games. I was annoyed with the 1-0 defeat to Galatasaray as this was my first defeat in FM 13. The draw at home to Schalke was a disappointment too after heavily beating them away from home. Celtic qualified at the top of the group: In the next round we have been drawn against Bayern Munich, whilst Galatasary who finished second got drawn against Feyenoord. So much for seeded teams getting an easier draw, (Bayern did finish second though, Feyenoord finished above them ) I suspect a difficult tie for me and not so difficult for Galatasary.
  2. Anytime I have ever made 3 substitutes and then a player gets injured usually he is just taken off straight away automatically? The tactic screen usually pops up and you can then arrange players if need be for cover and 'Confirm Changes'
  3. Thanks for that, was just clearing it up in my head. Wanted clear examples.
  4. I've only been on the forum since Monday, not been on here since 2010. So another example for you here, Mr. Scout A scouts a player for Man U and gives him a 2 1/2 star rating but you then sign Mr Scout A to another club say Peterborough, he would then give that same 2 1/2 previously rated player a 3 or 4 because Peterborough aren't as good as Man U?
  5. Interesting, does that mean that a 2 1/2 star player for Man Utd, would actually be a 3 or 4 star player in a poorer quality team?
  6. That's just typical! Did you rest any players for the CL final? Surely you have adequate cover though, and good luck in the final. How has Bernard been playing for you?
  7. You are 8th? How is that possible? I have had some injuries in the squad, but for only 1 or 2 weeks at a time. I find that the starting squad you have a lot of cover so you can swap players out before important matches. In my first six competitive matches I only seen one attack against me. What version of FM are you running?
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. In my game so far I am just coming upto the January transfer window and I'm unsure if I will be bringing in any players yet. At the start of the season Wanyama wanted away to a bigger club, I told him he could leave but only for £12.5 million or more and he was happy with that, we had a falling out and his morale was always poor. He wouldn't talk to me or even consider signing a contract. So far I have had a fantastic Champions league campaign which saw us reach the group stages alongside A.C. Milan, Galatasaray and Schalke. Celtic qualified to the first knockout round with 1 game to spare, as we were undefeated at home and had fantastic results away from home. I will post screenshots soon. After qualifying I noticed Wanyama's morale went to ok, so I held contract talks and his agent said I would have to offer an amazing deal before considered the contract and eventually Wanyama signed a new contract with me and his morale was back to superb! He does have a £14 million release clause in his contract so if anyone matches that then they can have him. Celtic are doing excellently in all domestic competitions. We are sitting at the top of an ever changing league with roughly 10 points clear of second place. Through to the semi final of the SLC which we knocked out Sevco in the 3rd round. Only played one round in the SC but we hammered Queen of the South with a bit part squad 4-0 at home. Has anyone else had trouble when selecting the Champions League squad? I go on holiday when I have to do it in the news as I don't meet the requirements of 8 and 4 but after holiday my team has been selected, and no one important has been missed out. I am now looking forward to this Champions league campaign and wonder how far I can take my unchanged team. COYBIG!
  9. I read the first post and many below, just didn't check the dates and was extremely confused. :confused:
  10. Just downloaded the pdf version and printed it out as a little A5 sized book from work. Will keep it in my bag and read whenever I have the time. Just skimmed through the pdf and it looked good quality content, fantastic idea and keep up the good work.
  11. I remember a few years ago someone posted screen shots from when the year was 2100 and I'm pretty sure Bury was one of the 5 five clubs in the world. EDIT To Add: That no one actually managed, it was all just holidays etc.
  12. What if that team went from stardom to complete and utter failures and couldn't even fill their new multi million pound stadium, has anyone ever had to downgrade?
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