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  1. Do does T.Is work on FM15 too or just on FM16 ? Anyone know what works on FM15 (I'm still on that version) ?
  2. Help with 4-1-2-3 tactic

    No, I haven't considered that system... it seems too defensive to me... ? I mean 4-1-2-3-1 is defensive enough, wouldn't a 4-1-4-1 be too defensive ?
  3. Help with 4-1-2-3 tactic

    I followed Ji-Sung Park's advice (partly) by switching my AML from a W(A) to a IF(A) role. I've just beaten Man Utd, who are top of the league, 1-0 at home with this tactic... probably my best result of the season. So this tactic can definitely get me results, it's just not consistent enough...
  4. Help with 4-1-2-3 tactic

    I've tried setting my AML/R as IF in the past and it's never really worked... I've also tried setting my SC as False Nine so that he would drop deeper, and that's not really worked either... if you set your only striker as a deep lying forward or shadow striker or whatever, isn't there a risk that there will be no-one in the area to finish ? I didn't know a rigid structure meant the team was going to play a shorter passing game... there are so many things, I find, that aren't clear in this game about what instruction affects what... it even seems to me there are debates going on on these forums and disagreements about the impact some instructions have... So, if I tell my team to play a short passing game, and I tell one of my players to play more direct, does that mean the two cancel each other and that effectively he will play a "balanced" style pf passing ? See, those are the kinds of things that really I find aren't clear at all in this game, and have never been, ever since the "sliders" system was introduced a few years ago...
  5. Help with 4-1-2-3 tactic

    Thanks a lot for your input guys, your posts have really gotten me thinking. I am not really trying to emulate any style in particular... I am just looking for a system that will generally do well and get me results... I know you will say that there isn't a one-size-fits-all tactic out there, but to be honest I've tried all sorts of tactics, some that I've downloaded from this forum, some from other websites, which were lauded by loads of people, and some which I came up with myself... most of these tactics were fluid and were possession-based, and none got me satisfactory results in the long run... To be honest, this latest tactic which I've come up with myself, despite its apparent illogicality (in some areas at least), is the one that has been getting me the best results... I've just won my last game 4-1 at home, with 3 CCCs vs 0... generally this tactic does alright at home, but is pretty bad away from home, with, nevertheless, the occasional really good win... I'm 11th in the Premiership with Fulham just a few games from the end of the season, media prediction was 13th, so I guess I'm not doing TOO badly, but I am convinced that there are serious deficiencies in my tactics...
  6. Hi all. First, I'd like to say that I have been struggling with the tactics in this game ever since the sliders made their appearance, so yeah, several years now... I have read countless posts in this forum, been on numerous websites, and tried lots of different types of tactics, but it just seems that nothing ever works for me... and it's incredibly frustrating ! I have come up with a 4-1-2-3 for FM15, but again I am struggling. Could you take a look at it and tell me if there's anything blatant that is wrong with it ? I have attached it as a PDF. My team instructions are Shorter Passing, Play out of Defence, Low crosses (my striker is small and quick), Exploit the Flanks, Look for Overlap, Play Wider, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Prevent Short GK Distribution, Lower Tempo, Be More Disciplined. I play with a Standard Mentality and a Structured Team Shape. The logic to that is that I want my team to have low creative freedom, and increase the creative freedom individually for two or three key players... Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! GK : Defend CD : Defend FB: Support DM: Support AP (MCL position) : Support Left Winger : Attack BWM (MCR position) : Support Right Winger : Support AF : Attack Player Instructions : GK : Tackle harder, fewer risky passes, distribute to centre backs, roll it out FB : Shoot Less Often, Dribble More, Tackle Harder, Get Further Forward, Cross More Often, Cross Aim Centre, Stay Wider, Run with Ball CD : Close Down Less, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter, Pass it Shorter DM : Shoot Less OFten, Dribble Less, Mark Tighter, Hold Position, Fewer Risky Passes AP : Dribble Less, Tackle Harder, More Direct Passes, Cross Less Often BWM : Shoot Less Often, Dribble Less, Get Further Forward, More Risky Passes, Cross Less Often W : Shoot Less Often, Ease Off Tackles, Cross Aim Centre AF : Shoot More Often, Ease Off Tackles, Fewer Risky Passes Tactic.pdf
  7. Tactics Issue

    Exactly! as I said earlier, I tried going on holidays and letting my assistant handle matches to see what tactics he'd use, and players he'd select. He went for a weird 3-6-1 formation, with a flat 4-man midfield and 2 AMCs. He played a striker in the MR position (who according to his positional abilities isn't even supposed to know how to play there) and a left back in the ML position (ok I'll admit, that's not THAT shocking). Needless to say, my assistant had far better results than me.
  8. Tactics Issue

    Right. I'm at my wits' end here. I've just been sacked for the 2nd time in 3 seasons... I've tried different formations, played around with mentalities and roles to achieve a balanced result. Nothing has ever worked. I'm sorry but this isn't normal, especially not in Classic mode. I don't care what anyone says, this game is just too God-damn hard. And having read other threads on here, I am clearly not the only one to think so.
  9. Tactics Issue

    What I don't understand, though, is how my assistant is getting better results than I am, by playing a 3-6-1 formation (with a flat 4-man midfield and 2 AMs) and playing players out of position, like a striker in the MR position (who, needless to say, doesn't even have a rating in that position) and a DL in the ML position. I mean, come on!
  10. Tactics Issue

    Hi Welsh Wizard and thanks a lot for your suggestions. My MCs are both on central midfielder roles, one attacking and the other defensive. DLF is on attack because he is a decent finisher so I want him to fashion chances for himself as well as support the other forward. I am playing FM Classic by the way, with Caen, in the French league (equivalent to the Championship in England). Having had no results with these tactics, I decided last night to play around with player roles. My two wide midfielders are pacey and technical. So I decided to set them to Wingers/attacking One of my central midfielders is both good defensively and offesnively, so I set him to box to box midfielder. The other midfielder is more defensive, so I set him to ball winning midfielder, but in a support role, so that my central midfield isn't TOO defensive. One of my full backs is solid defensively but rubbish technically so I Set him to full back / defensive. The other full back is pretty good all-round, so I set his mentality to support. I only played one match but my team created way more chances than usual, and I ended up winning the game 4-3 after going 2-0 down.
  11. Tactics Issue

    4-4-2: - full backs are on automatic mentality - DCs are on defend - ML/MR are on automatic - MCs: one on defend and the other on attack - AF and DLF up front I tend to play with an attacking mentality at home and counter/defensive away. Philiosophy is on Balanced. Thanks Ivan and everyone else for any advice you can give me. But I mean doesn't that seem to you like a pretty balanced tactic?
  12. I am pretty annoyed... Whatever formation I try, whether it's 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 3-5-2, or 4-1-2-2-1, my results are abysmal... I tried going on holidays to see how my assistant wuld handle games... his results have been far better. And he plays a 3-6-1 formation, with a striker as right midfielder, and a left back as left midfielder! When I have been very careful to play my players in their favourite positions... I mean come on... I know I am being vague here and not giving evidence. If you want me to give evidence to back my claims then I'll do it. But I just think this game is ridiculous. I have seen other people complain about having similar issues... I have played every version of the game since the CM days (97-98). Or maybe my knowledge of football tactics is rubbish? I bet the FM pros out there will say that there must be problems with the instructions I give my players and my team. /rant
  13. Steam problems - help please

    I am really p***ed off because I bought the game yesterday. Took me like 8 hours to download. This morning I tried to launch Steam and FM and they wouldn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled Steam assuming that my game was on my hard drive, only to find that I had to download the game again from scratch. It's the first time I buy a game from Steam and so far I am not impressed.
  14. Depressed with the game

    Maybe it's because I grew up playing CM2, but to me the most fun aspects of this game have always been buying/selling players, picking your first 11 and actually playing the matches! Now there's ten million different tactical instructions (with notches from 0-20 for creative freedom, closing down etc...) there's pointless and boring press conferences where the same things are said over and over (and you can't opt to let your assistant handle them because if you do, he'll say something wrong and upset your players)... I don't understand half the tactical instructions that are in this game and anyway I don't trust the match engine to faithfully reproduce the instructions I've set. So the way I play this game is as follows: All my tactical instructions are set to default. I really can't be bothered wasting hours of my life deciding whether I should set creative freedom to notch number 15 or 16 for a player (when setting it to 4 is probably the optimal option but of course I don't know that) or whether I should play fluid but counter attacking football... No, I just set everything to default. I really can't be bothered lol I find that quite often as video games become more complex and detailed, they also become less fun and user friendly... or maybe I am just getting older lol
  15. I was playing in the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2014 as manager of the Ivory Coast, and I was playing against Nigeria (in Nigeria). I noticed that almost all my players were knackered. I looked at my fixtures list and saw that my secound round game had been played two days prior to this one. So basically I had two days' rest while Nigeria had six. Needless to say I lost the game 4-1. That's totally unfair, and would never happen in real life!