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  1. Thanks a lot for your input, very much appreciated. To be honest, my team hasn't really underperformed or overperformed. I'm in my 4th season with the same team, and haven't been sacked yet, so I guess that's good(?). But perhaps in a video game, however realistic, doing anything other than overperforming isn't quite good enough? I mean I haven't won the French title with Marseille once so far (although admittedly Paris are European giants and are very difficult to beat over a whole season) and I haven't reached further than 1/4 finals of the Europa League or the last 16 of the Champions
  2. Well, when my data analyst told me to lower the tempo to 'high' (it was on very high at first, as part of the default 'Gegenpress' settings), I saw a huge improvement. What's the point in having backroom staff if their advice is useless then? Surely the makers of the game would disagree with you on this one, wouldn't that mean admitting that there has been something inherently wrong with it for years and that they never corrected it? You'll find my tactic below. I'm now basically using the default Tiki Taka tactic offered by the game, the only tweak being I've increased tempo to 'h
  3. Hi everyone, I am a bit confused, because when I look at my match analysis for the last 5 games (Tactics>Analysis>Match>Recent Matches Analysis), I alm told by my data analyst (it is him, right?) that I need to Work Ball Into Box AND Shoot on Sight (both are red, not orange, so admittedly the advice is very important). How can that be, since the two are conflicting? Does that mean I should do neither? Does this conflicting advice basically cancel itself out? And another tactics-related question: I seem to have had better results and a stronger defence when I've
  4. OK but don't you think it's stange that I have never been offered a job, and my applications have been rejected every time, after 4 seasons of winning trophies when my team was predicted to finish last every season? Do you think that would happen in real life too? I mean I've basically done a Leicester (even more amazing in fact) 4 seasons in a row... Hopefully when I'm at 40-50% of reputation, clubs will start to show interest in me, but to me that doesn't seem realistic at all...
  5. It looks to me like there is a problem with applying for or being offered jobs in this game. I took Bradford Park Avenue from Vanarama National League North to League One in 4 seasons, exceeding expectations every season, winning trophies along the way (League Two, FA Trophy, Vanarama National League) and I was never once offered a job or hired when I applied, even when I applied at clubs that had the same reputation as mine. My reputation is at 35%. How high does my reputation have to be before I can get a job at a club better than my own??
  6. Hi TFF, I'm sorry if this question has already been asked many times (it probably has), but how do you develop your tactics? As I'm sure you can imagine, I would prefer to develop my own tactic than just download one, so what is your process? Do you watch full matches and make tweaks according to what you see your players do, that sort of thing ? And how do you decide on a formation, for example? How did you decide, for your annihilator tactic, to put wingers AND wing backs, which obviously seems a very counter intuitive thing to do, and something that the game's hints and tips, or y
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