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  1. Test the freaking game by playing it as a player. Board confidence: completely unreal expectations in all three versions!!
  2. If we could have the opposition instructions remaining as they were set every time I change tactics in-match that would be really handy. I've either got to grab a pen and a bit of paper or open a text editor to keep track of who I'm doing what to and it's almost impossible to go through a whole game without changing tactics at least once.Surely in real life my players wouldn't forget to close down the opposition playmake just because I asked them to push up a bit. It's especially annoying when I want to change back to my original tactics when my change doesn't work, I know I can save the current match tactic (with opp. instr.)before changing but that leads to a HUGE amount of redundant files in the tactics archive.
  3. Also, Latest Scores, why are the teams round about me always listed as "kick off". Do you think I won't have my PA, a ball boy, one of the reserves or whoever checking the internet, sky sports news or even the radio to keep me up to date on current scores when my promotion/relegation is in the balance?
  4. I'd like the ability to ask the board to make the team professional when playing with a semi-pro club.At the moment I've "brick-walled" several times. I've taken a clubs into leagues where there are pro teams, held my own, finished above several pro teams, but I can't sign any better (or even comparable) players to those that I have.I assume this is because the pro players are unavailable to me and looking at the contracts of players available after my ass man has filtered them this seems to be true, very few F/T players come up. I'm fed up constantly re-scouting the same duff players season after season. Result-stagnation and a gradual decline in the team as the better players age. Several seasons now I haven't been able to spend anything but a fraction of my transfer budget,on back-up players, and my wage spend has been about 50% of my budget. If I could at least make a board request(and subsequent ultimatum) then I'd know where I stood and whether to accept a new contract or cut my losses and drop down a league to an under-achieving but higher rep team, which I've had to do several times.
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