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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new club to manage. League two or below, preferably a club that has fallen from grace. It would be great if you could provide some background as I'm not that familiar with the history of English football. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. I had the same problem (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/424549-15-0-2b-TBL-7-3-DB-Draft-lottery-broken). As Riz said, it's because your save is too close to the draft lottery.
  3. Search for specific player types. For example a filter for the draft that shows you only offensive d-men or two-way forwards.
  4. Is there an equal bias towards certain skills for defenders/GK as well?
  5. Is it just a problem in my game or aren't there enough offensive defensmen in the game once the newgens start coming in? I'm in 2019 and most good d-prospects are stay-at-home defensmen and/or have a terrible slapshot rating.
  6. Most of my scouts have 20/20 ratings and nine of them had an opinion on him. I scout the draft 3 times per season with 7 scouts, so I think they had enough time to form an opinion. And it simply doesn't make sense that they change their mind after 2 weeks, in the off-season.
  7. Send a trade inquiry for all players on your shortlist. Or checkboxes so you can select the ones you want to send inquiries about.
  8. In the draft a player's projected role was "A more talented version of Patrick Kane" so of course I drafted him. 2 weeks later 8 of my 9 scouts now see him as "A poor man's Ryan Tesink". IMO that's too much of a difference, especially since they haven't scouted him again after the draft, so their opinion changed just like that.
  9. I'm not complaining because he's on my team but I just don't understand why Kevin Fiala scores as many points as he does. Sure, he's fast and his deking is excellent but that's about it. Can someone please explain? Are there hidden attributes that have a big impact on a player's performance?
  10. I liked playing in the juniors, so OHL, WHL or QMJHL. There's always a challenge because players quickly become too old to play there and the best ones are drafted and go straight to the NHL, so you there are no dynasties or franchise players.
  11. Unfortunately not. But I noticed this only seems to happen when you save right before the draft lottery. When I loaded an older file that was 10+ days before the draft lottery the results varied more.
  12. I'm in the 2016 draft. Not only that the Sabres had the 6th pick and drafted an unranked player, but the Jets traded the player they had just picked 1st overall and Brooks Orpik for 3 of my 3rd round picks.
  13. I had the same problem. They rejected because the offer the club proposed to me (their player for some picks) would unbalance the team.
  14. I was curious about the new draft lottery system so I simmed a few of them in my first season. Here's the results of how often which team won the first pick in the draft: 24th Canucks 14 25th Devils 1 26th Panthers 0 27th Coyotes 0 28th Senators 1 29th Flyers 16 30th Sabres 0 Doesn't seem to work that well...
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