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  1. what is your preference and why ? any purist types out there ?
  2. bwhaha poland ok well i guess i will go for the cd 20 quid sorted cheers guys
  3. FM 2013 is on sale at game for 20 pounds now i really want to buy it for tonight so that means i need to get it off steam but ten pounds is worth considering to wait untill the morning so are there any benefits from getting it digitally over cd ?
  4. trying to play the demo and keep getting RULE GROUP MANAGER ERROR
  5. sounds really promising how are the re gens ? there used to be the problem of them not really working and the standard of player in general dropping and a too high average age and the rest of them which im sure you were or still are aware of ? have any of these changed or been improved i saw some one beat real madrid 7-1 in the CL personaly things like that put me off are those type of things still around how about stupid AI transfers ? how about silly teams winning the world cup ? those are my questions THanks
  6. thinking of it obviously but with all the bad feedback this year based on the game alone would like to know more if it sort it self out as you get further in and if they have changed the things from previous years that mess up long term saves
  7. i have long term games (saves) been improved in this years edition ? do re gens carry on creating a worth while playing game ? what are the primary issues that people have found with this years game specifically in long term games (saves) ? i wanted to browse and search the forums for any bad feedback on this years game but have found they have been cheekily swept in to one thread
  8. Fm 12 no striker

    they are boring because it is one sided that is the coment of truth since chelsea and barcelona every team sets out against spain that way what do you expect. spain are not boring but the games are. They can only do what the opponents let them of course it is boring watching a team win every time
  9. Fm 12 no striker

    Spain Boring ? Are people really trolling sigames forums now.
  10. ah ****, in regards to transfers that is
  11. Yeah via price would be the best, and the easiest by far maybe season summarys aswell ?
  12. Restart , but first post south america league. Also will you not be posting the list of transfers
  13. Cholivar at the bottom with 30+ loses GET IN !!!!! ::::SMELL MY CHEESE, YOU MOTHER:::
  14. Looking at the last screen shot doesnt look like my bolivia team will be doing that.......
  15. i have almost completely stopped using this website/forum because of this problem so if SI could help out a bit