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  1. it could be combination of players getting unhappy and overreacting after player talks, described here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/233847-How-dare-you-insult-me!-Manager-v-Player and lots of clubs having piles of money: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/234882-£27m-Transfer-Budget-From-Nowhere-Is-This-A-Bug? transfers definately need more balancing in next patch. last year transfers were awesome and realistic imo
  2. It seems that every club is capable of signing top players somehow, must be this b........feature In my game: Aston Villa signed Pastore Moscow signed Neymar i got offered Iniesta and few weeks later CR7 Hopefully transfers will be more balanced in 11.2 or .3 lol more: Everton has Balotelli on 120k per week Besiktas got Defour, Blanco, Toloi...
  3. I think that STEAM will refund only pre-purchase games before the release date, and that's it. Few months back cheated gamers tried to get refund from Steam for horrible game called APB but they had to contact EA Someone already posted that game will show up eventually...just wait lol
  4. Ramsey who??????? He'll always be average player at best, even if he moved to Barca and have Messi as tutor lmao
  5. Name: Goran Pandev Age: 25 Nationality: FYR Macedonia Club: Lazio Position: AM/FC (centre) Value: 4.1m Sale Value: 4.5 - 5m Work Permit Needed?: Yes, always granted fantastic support striker and soon in a new big club IRL
  6. 2010 demo rocked and im definately buying FM this year. and Liverpool is gonna be 1st team i manage in full game. what a task! Future transfers: Pandev 5m Di Maria 2.6m Vargas 8m Guti 2m
  7. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by hiru: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/4167/60424452cp9.jpg Yes, maybe it's a bug. My friend played ManUTD. In his game, Vidic scored 51 goals in 54 games. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> ROFFLE! About FM06 - yes corners were bad, and Supat Rungatsame (legend) scored plenty for me from outside of box. But it wasn't SO bad as this years version, Samba getting hattrick after hattrick...
  8. No i think i'll set my other CB - Barzagli (jumping 19 heading 20) to Challenge Gk too! should be fun
  9. Yup! It's a bug and it was missed... Christopher Samba (ex-Blackburn) just scored his 4th Hattrick for me! His set pieces instructions - Challenge Gk. So my top scorer is CB with 21 goals so far. My team is in mess - Cavani and Aguero are wondering about their future coz they are not performing nearly so well.. We want .03 patch! SORTITOUTSI
  10. Official FM08 Good Defenders

    Name: Thomas Vermaelen Age: 21 Club: Ajax Value: 4.5 mio € Position: DLC WP: Nope
  11. Official FM 08 Good strikers guide

    TEH WINNER Another great 08 update: Name: Vagner Love Age: 23 Club: CSKA Moscow Value: 6 mio € Position: FC WP: Needed and possible wonderkid Name: Alan Kardec Age: 18 Club: Vasco Value: 2.9 mio € Position: ST WP: Needed
  12. Official FM 08 Good Wonderkids

    Name: Breno Age: 17 position: DC Club: Sao Paulo Value: 3.2 mio € - min. release fee 9.5 mio € Work permit needed Looks amazing!!!