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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone I think it will be a case of combining all the things mentioned above. I am reluctant to break up my team too much (must be a loyalty, nostalgia thing) but maybe it is the right time for an overhaul. As much as I don't want to see my prized jewels go, the money could fund a new revolution that may finally allow me to make that final step up.
  2. I am approximately 10 years into a save with Lowestoft FC. I have taken them from the depths of being unplayable at the start of the game through to mid-table security in the Championship. All good you might think, why isn't he happy with his lot, god knows the Lowestoft board and fans are! I'm currently in the 4th season of Championship football and I really thought that this would be the year that I would be pushing for promotion or the play offs at least. A 7-0 opening day win at Stoke seemed to back up my pre-season confidence and this was followed by some solid form up until Nov/Dec that left me within a point of the play off positions. But....... injuries and loss of form kicked in and in January I now find myself stuck back in mid-table drudgery with 6th place a very long way off and looking further away with each game. I am losing the will and motivation to carry on my mission of getting to the Premier League. It isn't helped by the club being very short on cash, 2020 is my first season in my new 9500 capacity stadium and I will still struggle to finish the season with anything near a positive bank balance. What do you do when your club's progress seems to 'hit a wall'? Any suggestions gladly welcomed....
  3. I feel an apology to SI is due here, haha
  4. Sim18777

    SI don't answer

    If you're pleading with players not to retire you must be desperate. Let them put their feet up and blood some youngsters instead
  5. When I try to install the hotfix patch, I am getting the following error message: "A sharing violation occurred whilst accessing C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\data\skins.fmf." Can anyone help?
  6. I also have this same problem, only a small thing but very annoying all the same
  7. I played against Cherno Samba in a pre-season friendly in the summer. I play for Thetford Town and he was playing a trial game for Norwich City XI! It was a blast from the past and a small dream come true