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  1. Anyone know if Muniains finishing attribute ever will go above 14?
  2. The possibility to tell other teams to f*** off with their stupid transfer bids. "No. Not now, not in two days."
  3. Buying Player Name: Nigel De Jong Your Team: Spurs Seller: City Player's Value: £5.5m Offer: £5.5m Transfer/Wage Budget: £22.11m / £286k Patch: 12.2 Season: Before third Sandro first team, old Parker and no youngster for DM
  4. The opponents launch their attack by a pass from THEIR goalkeeper to THEIR full backs, which happens after my missed chances. I lose the ball in open play now and then, yes, but the main problem is withstanding their attacks coming from defender collects.
  5. How to deal with the opponent launching attacks at their full backs? I'm managing Spurs in the 2nd season. Things are going well. 13 matches with 11-0-2, goals: 43-16. Those sixteen goals are stupid and way too high. **** corners and attacks launched by goalkeeper-pass to either full back. How to stop it?
  6. I've been using this schedule for a couple of seasons. It is amazing! I have a question about midfielders and passing. My deep-lying playmaker Sandro only has 14 in passing, and I really want to improve that area. Almost every other stats than passing is improving on his Developing CM-schedule. What do you reccomend me to do?
  7. Fabulous. Turned around a 1-1 draw at half-time home against Man United to a great 2-1 win with my Sunderland team. Used "I have faith" with Darren Bent, my scorer in the first half, and he gave me another goal. Brilliant!
  8. I tried this, and my players played fantastic in front of the opponents box. But, in the second half the opponent suddenly managed to get more possession than me. What should I say in the team talk to get my team to pass the ball through the second half also? Thanks.
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