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  1. haha i guess i kind of always had in the back of my mind a loose sort of Journeyman career so my aim was to get pompey to world domination, which i done. i won a few prem leagues, couple champ leagues, and world club cup etc. i had built up the club with best youth setup and training facilities and built new stadium. i basically completed my mission so moved on. you will see above that i went back there a few years later and won it all again (to keep them at the top). whats mad now is the prem literally has a "top 7" with pompey coming 1st or 2nd most years. im now norwich trying to make it a "top 8" lol. infact my fondest memory was an insane youngster AML/C called Max Thee (great name) signed on a free transfer after being released by a german club at 18. he joined me in League 1 and stayed with me until about 34, just somehow turning into a world beater. year after year my most consistent player racking up insane amount of assists. he was also my penalty taker and barely missed 1 or 2 in all those years. he was almost like my Ryan Giggs. who knows, i might end up back there for a 3rd time if i see them falling down the league again
  2. wow thought i had racked up a few seasons on my FM13 save. still playing it and still going strong. into season 2050/2051 (so 37 seasons) started as portsmouth and must have spent circa 15 odd years there turning them into a world force. i then had a mixed journey of Everton for 4 season, followed by a few years in Russia, with FC Chernomorets, FC Luch and CSKA Moscow. This then followed by a 2nd long and successful stint at Portsmouth, again bringing them back to the top. i then had 2 seasons at Hibs, winning the league in 2nd year. then 4 seasons at Betis, where i could only finish 3rd (twice) and realise Barca/Real domination would take forever. a very brief half season at AFC wimbledon of League 2 which was going very average, and a relegation threatened norwich in the prem offered me the job at Xmas. i have steered them to a 9th place finish in my first season there. and now into the summer for another squad overhaul. literally been playing this save for 5 years. sometimes i can go weeks or even months without playing at all (due to other commitments)
  3. FM13 for sure my favourite. any kind of up to date databases flying about for FM13?
  4. im actually still playing my FM13 save, currently 35 seasons in. ive never moved onto a later version except toyed with a couple on the ipad (different i know) i actually just love the way the game seems to sync together with mutliple leagues. its quite a journeyman career and i like squad building and it seems to work well. however CM97/98 will always be my number 1
  5. what i find even more ridiuclous is that surely the main issue Bonucci had in the first place was that 1 of his "friends" or another senior member of the squad had been sold. he probably couldnt care less if the reason meant it was so younger players could play. so why would he then be so bothered later down the line whether the younger guy got a game or not as his buddy had still been shipped out anyway.
  6. pretty much the same as all above. been playing since CM2 96/97 so 20 years. one of my fondest earliest memories was when we was 13, 2 of my mates stayed round. we all started as a prem team each (Utd/Arsenal/Liverpool) but took ages with each player doing their teams, tactics etc, so after around 10 games we decided to all resign and take over whichever team was rock bottom of Division 3 (Now league 2). it happened to be Rochdale. they were awful but it was so fun wtih 3 of us all working together. i will actually never forget we had a striker called Andy Gouk (with finishing of 1!!!) we played him every game and went mental when he scored. not even sure how that season finished but im sure we escaped relegation. anyway now days im still on a 30+ season save on FM13. a truly epic journeyman save. some weeks i dont play at all. some weeks maybe an hour or two. thats literally all i have these days. sad times.
  7. brilliant idea. love the idea of starting unemployed, perhaps starting at very low level with hope of getting approached by a high rep team as youth team/reserve team manager to slowly build your career and work your way up the ladder. it would also be great to build a relationship with the club that perhaps you could go back to one day. example: start unemployed, become manager of a conference south team, perhaps after few seasons gain a promotion or two. get approached by say a championship or low Prem team as youth team manager. do well there and move onto an actual championship club or league 1 club as manager. bit more success and perhaps even return to the prem club one day as first team manager. also good chance alot of those youth team players you nurtured and built relationships with could be 1st team players and would instantly take a like to you
  8. i tend to agree with a lot of these good points raised already. i personally prefer the idea of playing as realistically as possible, i.e. relying on scout reports and use attribute masking until you've scouted the player a few times. You can then search through your shortlist of already scouted players and filter via positions/ attributes etc as you would already have that knowledge built up. perhaps a really nice touch/feature from SI would simply be part of the advanced set up screen when starting a new game. where you have the boxes for attribute masking etc, could there not simply be a box that says disable player search tool. you could check the box and it would just be disabled in game. of course you would still want to search through your actual shortlist of scouted and known players etc. similarly you could still use the search bar (magnifying glass tool) to search for actual known players. i..e in real life i know who Aaron Creswell is, so i can search his name and add him to my shortlist as that's my actual knowledge. i'm not a computer progammer but would like to think it wouldn't be impossible to disable that feature/screen.... I
  9. Thanks buddy, thats really helpful. will have a think and look around. cheers
  10. Hi there @Smurf, any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. i recently bought a new ipad with kind of the sole purpose to play FM on, knowing that the FMT is slightly watered down from the full fat game. However, the fact that you can only load 3 playable leagues really takes away the joy for me as i like to run quite a few leagues in different countries to really feel immersed in the game world. The other reason is due to limited time on my hands, i mainly will only be able to play the game to and from work on the train, hence looking at a light and smaller sized device to play on. what would you recommend as a fairly compact and light sized laptop but for the sole purpose of running a fast FM game. i'm not over fussed about watching in 3D so happy to compromise on graphic card. Given that this will simply be bought for FM then as always looking at best price too. any thoughts? thanks
  11. i hear ya! an epic journey and great read. cant believe you will abandon when FM 18 comes out. for what its worth im still on FM13 save, in something like 2042 so only circa 30 seasons its taken me to play in 4 years of real life lol. Just wish i had the time to squeeze more in. KUTGW
  12. just want to say its take me over 3 days whilst at work to read through all this. incredible journey. How do you manage to play so much? on average how many hours a day do you fit in? (let alone the time to write it all up). brilliant read, well done!
  13. Not so much outstayed my welcome but had 2 powerful stints. FM13 save still going 30 seasons in. Started at pompey in league 2 and built them up over around 15 years. Won everything and it became a bit stale. A couple of seasons finishing 3rd and not winning any cups. I decided a complete career change so resigned and took over a little team in Russia called FC Luch. Got promoted to the Prem and CSKA Moscow offered me the job. 2-3 years there and conquered Russia. Everton had been relegated to the championship so I took them over and was there for 4-5 years. Got them into the prem and a solid top 4 team, won Fa cup but just couldn’t break the mould to win the prem. My beloved pompey had slipped a bit and the job became available again. I went back to take them back to the top (again) Season 2041 I won the prem and Champs league so felt I had done my job there again. I resigned and am now at Hibs to try and break the Celtic/Rangers domination. In the 30 year save only celtic or rangers have won the SPL. Im currently in Feb in my 1st season at Hibs, 1 point behind Celtic. Truly loving this save and will stay at Hibs for a few years or at least until I win the SPL. Then will see where this journeyman career takes me. Who knows, I could end up again at Pompey further down the line……
  14. thanks mate, very helpful will try this tonight. cheers
  15. sorry i meant to ask, is it a simple as locating the file and simply pressing restore? or will i have to manually drag the file into original folder? if so, any idea what folder the hall of fame doc should be placed in, on FM13? (this is on a mac if this makes any difference) thanks
  16. ok im pretty sure this is exactly what i may have done. It should be in the recycle bin somewhere as i dont believe ive emptied it. i will attempt to restore the file to the original folder and hopefully this will do the trick. thanks again!
  17. ok so this is in relation to FM13 but dont see why this would matter what version this is on. im into a 30 season + save on FM13 and for some reason the hall of fame seems to have reset and my manager career shows that im wayyyy down the list far far away, even though ive actually won a huge amount of trophies over the 30 seasons and was certainly in the top 10 only a couple of seasons before. it now shows me having only won 2 trophies even though ive won over 30. when i click my manager profile and history it still has a record of all the trophies ive won over the years so its definitely still recorded them in game along the way. is there a chance i may have deleted some kind of files here when clearing cache's or cleaning out the folders to make the game run faster? in short, is there anyway to ge this back or make sure its back to reflecting the true position. my main target on this save was to basically get to number 1 manager on hall of fame and at that point i think i will treat it as save accomplished. its like ive gone all the way back to the beginning even though im in season 30, which is really tough to take. any ideas would be very welcome??? thanks
  18. right i see. actually really frustrating for reasons stated above. but if thats the case then so be it. cheers
  19. Playing on Ipad Air 2: Not sure if this is a bug as such or maybe i just can't figure out how to do it... when im in a match and go to make a sub, i cant for the life of me work out how to actually click into a players profile to view their attributes etc. just started with a lower league team and i have no idea yet who anyone is or what their stats/best position is etc. pre season friendlies i have 12 subs to choose from and just want to click around quickly in the tactics screen to compare a few players. any ideas?
  20. wow nostalgia! never even knew it only went for 30 seasons back then
  21. For what it's worth, i really like the idea of Brexit in the game.....but not yet. i would much rather it was released in a later version once it has finally happened and it was portrayed more accurately rather than assuming a possible outcome. having said that, if there is an option at the start of a save to turn off brexit then that is a perfect solution. Those who want it can keep it and those who would rather wait can simply turn it off.
  22. sounds like you're flying! yeh im pretty much already thinking that the loan system will be my main source of bringing in new faces.....
  23. cheers mate, hows it going? i literally loaded up last night so not yet had chance to get fully stuck in yet...
  24. oh no sorry, i meant the way it is currently is good. i just didnt word it very well. so far so good. (just get rid of the in app purchases)
  25. i think this is perfect. keep some interaction there but not too much. still want the ability to interact here and there with the squad as a whole or individual players. p.s. my 1 main wish for now with FMT is what someone said a bit further up. Please please have option to disable any in-game purchases. it completely takes away the reality, and immersion of the game, even by it just popping up in the corner. i get the feeling that most FMT players just want a more streamlined version of the full FM but still keeping it as life like as possible. Thanks
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