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  1. Having been to watch Bangor City regularly as a teenager it's a shame to see them now in Tier 2 of the Welsh Pyramid following several years of mis-management behind the scenes. During the summer of 2019 however there has been a mass influx of Italian and other foreign players which will give any manager on FM the chance to return to the Premier at the first attempt and still have a squad capable of challenging in the Premier straight away. I accepted the challenge and this post will be the first of seasonal updates to come as I look to conquer Wales and then challenge in Europe. I'm writing whilst on my breaks at work so will update player names and opposition names when next at home!! Season 1 - 2019/20, Cymru North Finances start of season, £100,000 in the account - £25k transfer and £5k wage budgets. Starting as clear favourites for the league there is basically nothing required to change on the player front except for choosing a formation and maybe tweaking the squad to suit your preferred system. I went for a 424 attacking, high pressure gegenpress style system. I did bring in 2 players however in the shape of a Left Winger and also a young Advance forward as City only really have one top striker in Francesco Serafino. As predicted, I managed to win the league at the first attempt - remaining undefeated whilst drawing 4 of the 32 league games. We won the Nathaniel MG Cup (Cymru North & South teams only) and also managed to surprisingly win the Welsh Cup too, beating Barry Town of the Premier in the Semis in extra time. Serafino finished up with 58 goals in all competitions, Aldair Neto, right sided Inside Forward, managed the most assists with 30 in total. Unfortunately, due to being semi-professional keeping hold of your best players is very difficult - Serafino refused all season to negotiate an extension and left for Serie C side AlbinoLeffe at the end of the season. At the end of the season, after picking up maximum prize money from the cups, we finish in the red at -70k; the huge comparative wages compared to income put the club into financial difficulty but thankfully the board put in 80k so we start in the Premier next season in the black and after winning the Welsh Cup we also have an Europa League qualifying campaign to look forward to!
  2. The format for the Nathaniel MG cup is incorrect - In game it is currently featuring only Cymru North and Cymru South teams; in reality it should also feature Cymru Premier teams but should also be region specific for the first 2 rounds as in Cymru North clubs can only be drawn against fellow Cymru North sides or Cymru Premier sides based in Mid to North Wales.
  3. There are no disciplinary sanctions for clubs and players playing in Cymru North - for example, one of my players at Bangor City was sent off but no suspension followed.
  4. Fm18 and 17 for me currently - really like the 2d view on fm17 that showed the stadium and crowd. FM18 I'm in 2041 with Bangor City of Wales having just won the Europa League for the 1st time and in FM17 I'm in 2042 with West Ham having started unemployed and then worked my way up from Vanarama South with Kidderminster followed by moves to Barrow, Blackburn and Crystal Palace. West Ham's stadium is an 87, 000 seater named after me which pretty smart. Had a son come into youth team at Blackburn but he was awful!
  5. I had a son in fm17, 5 seasons into a save and only after 1 season with the club where he appeared. My manager profile was aged over 40 at the time.
  6. From my experience in previous editions of fm, i was able to get interviews at clubs regularly who had a reputation of half a star better than myself - on occasion 1 full star and even up to 2 stars greater than mine. I think a lot comes down to whether the club have many applications from managers with a higher reputation than your own or not.
  7. Best moment for me thus far is against the odds securing promotion from national league South to national league via the playoffs with Hemel Hempstead - one of my 2 decent 16 y.o. Youth intake strikers bagging a hattrick in the final to seal it
  8. 37 and first played championship manager 95/96 whilst my brother is 44 and he first played the original championship manager. We both recall playing Premier Manager on our old Atari ST however
  9. I found 2 things to be helpful when trying to increase merchandise money: 1 sign as many high profile players as you can, each one will increase monthly shirt sales 2. If you are at a relatively high profile ub with East Asian or North American affiliate clubs, sign as many players as you can from those nations. In particular the most lucrative nations are USA, Japan, China and South Korea. You don't need to play these players, you can even loan them out and still benefit from the increased revenues (estimated amounts over £1m show in scout reports)
  10. Do LOSC themselves have a better reputation than Swansea? Perhaps they made him several promises before negotiating contract? Maybe they offered a substantially higher agent's fee?
  11. The brexit I just had was top division in England and Scotland can name 17 foreigners out of 25 player squad with no work permits required at all, U21 players of any nationality don't need to be registered. All other English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish divisions require work permits for all non UK nationals.
  12. In my save with Bangor City in Wales, my training facilities upgrade costs per star increased with each half star: from 1 star to 1 and a half stars it cost about 350k, then the next half star about 700k, increasing to 1.2m, 2m, 2.7m, 3.5m, 4.2m and 5. 5m when reaching 5 stars. Costs are from memory so not 100% accurate but there or there abouts
  13. in fm17 I was given the option to retire the number 10 when a long serving player of mine retired, I haven't had a player long enough in fm18 to see this option yet though
  14. I think it mostly comes down to the reputation of the club a player plays for and in which league they play in too. If your player had achieved all of that with a club like Manchester United or Real Madrid then he would most likely have the top reputation possible
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