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  1. I'm probably in a minority but I like 'minor' bugs like this. I'm not saying SI shouldn't look into it, but I just build up a little storyline around it and it helps with the immersion. Perhaps he did like the club, but then had a falling out with a particular department or group of people and doesn't want to be there anymore.
  2. Here is something you may not have considered - if they are based in Tasmania, but play in La Liga, are they not going to be travelling thousands of miles each week? Wont this have an adverse effect on performance?
  3. Who is the club? I'm also an Oxfordian... is it Thame?
  4. I personally don't play the game using an exploits. However, it's pretty bloody pious on your part to demand that Sports Interactive restrict other player's access to knowledge about such exploits. Why on earth do you care how other people play their game!? Jesus wept.
  5. I have regularly managed Oxford City over a number of recent Football Managers. Almost without exception, they are moved from the Conference North to the Conference South at the end of the first season. They are pretty much bang in the middle of the country. I usually find that the Conference South is a little easier in the second season, but there are so many variables that could effect this aside from league quality it's hard to judge.
  6. The stadium names are so bad, and desperately need an overhaul. A really easy overhaul at that. I can't image it is that time consuming to make lists of suburbs or relevant names that a stadium could potentially be named after. For example, just dump the following districts of Liverpool into a table in the FM database. I found those via a simple Google search: Aigburth Aintree Allerton Anfield Bebington Bidston Birkenhead Bootle Bowring Park Brighton-le-Sands Broadgreen Childwall Claughton Clubmoor Crosby Croxteth Edge Hill Egremont Everton Fairfield Fazakerley Ford Ga
  7. You will need to contact the club's accounting department and find out if they paid up front or in installments
  8. I've noticed a rather unexplained occurrence, over a load of saves, during the last 3 or 4 editions of FM. Occasionally, I'll browse through my transfer clauses to see if I can sell or buy any clauses early. I sometimes find random players I've never heard of, at others club, who have clauses owed to me. They are always fees after a certain number of appearances. The player usually doesn't have the club I'm currently managing in his career history. Am I right in thinking the game is trying to simulate other clubs poaching your youth players when they are *very* young, before they even ent
  9. 39 games, but the player (Adam Holloway, Wycombe Wanderers) is one of those CBs who can double up as a striker. I was mainly playing him at CB in 90% of the games, but I had the media banging on about how bad his goal drought was!
  10. As soon as they join the club terminate all their trials.
  11. Two issues here, as have already been mentioned. Large database, small number of leagues - this stagnates the transfer market as there is too much supply feeding the demand. Why pay for your players when they can pick up loads of other ones of equal quality for free? Clubs below the Championship rarely pay fees for players. If you are trying to sell players who don't cut it in your League 2 squad, clubs who are going to be interested are going to be other poor league two clubs, or conference clubs. These kind of clubs do not have any transfer budget.
  12. Jamil Adam in FM08 for Havant and Waterloo. He is available on a free, and had good stats for Blue Square South, with potential to be a League One striker. However, his technique stat was usually somewhere between 18 and 20, which seemed to create a kind of bug in the game which boosted all of his other stats. He ended up scoring 20+ goals every season over the next 12 years at every league level during a meteoric rise to the Premier League with Havant and Waterloo. FM08 was too easy to be honest, but I still think he was my best ever signing. He ended up finshing his career back in Irel
  13. So now the main difference to winning and losing is morale?! I thought the main cause was tactical consistency!? I am lost now.
  14. If I did employ the same tactic, I would expect to probably lose against Man City and perhaps beat Burnley. I would not expect to beat teams like Burnley for the first quarter of the season, and draw to teams like City, and then lose to teams like Burnley or worse every single week after that because they have somehow learned the inherent flaw to a 4-4-2, regardless of the quality of their players. I see Saturday nights are the SI apologists weekly meet up.
  15. Yes, I have read the thread. It is you who is not comprehending what I am saying. I play a very generic 4-4-2. There is no easy exploit to my tactic. I'm not saying it's perfect, I'm saying there is no gaping hole in the way I set up, or the players I have in my squad. I concede goals from all areas of the park, not just from one style of play or part of the pitch.
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