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  1. Burrator

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Billericay 2015-2016 A long season but surprising success after being promoted to CCL2 I was expecting a relegation battle but early form saw us well embedded in the top half of the table. A good run at the end of the season saw me just grab a playoff spot. Semi against Bradford who I hadn't failed to beat previously and goals galore saw me through to the playoff final 7-5 on aggregate. Accrington for the final was tough I'd drawn both times I'd played them before and switched to a counter-attacking tactic for the final which paid off with a great 2-0 win. So rather than fighting to survive I gained promotion. League Table Positions Finances really got better this season with a healthy profit (unlike last season which had heavy losses). Hopefully the board will give me some funds to get some players for CCL1 as I doubt I can expect similar progress without some serious player replacements. Finances Season Division Position Achievements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 BSS 12th 2012/13 BSS 5th Promoted via Playoffs 2013/14 BSP 6th 2014/15 BSP 1st Champions 2015/16 CC2 7th Promoted via Playoffs
  2. Burrator

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Yay, about time too! Billericay turn professional
  3. Burrator

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Update Billericay Town 2013-14 Was very pleased with first season in BSP, managed top half of table most of the season and whilst some of my players were really not up to scratch we got enough results to give a good showing to the season, given I was odds on for relegation. Failed to get to play-offs but very happy with results. League Table Position shows consistancy. 2014-15 I lost my Assman as he wanted to manage Tooting (like some here) and struggled to find a replacement which may have been a good thing in some ways, couldn't rely on suggestions as much. Wow, getting some new players in pre-season and more tactical tweaks made a huge difference, we were awesome in the league although cup matches weren't so good. Followed Aldershot for most of the season who I never thought we'd catch but we did and won the league, but not by much, was down to the last match! League Table Position Poor Aldershot I feel sorry for them, they have been near top consistently but not go promotion, oh well Onwards and upwards to what will be a tough season in L2. My replacement Assman was pants and will be sacked (well not renewed) and other staffers may need updating to cope. I'm confident in probably half my first team but will be hitting the transfer market (well freebies) big time.
  4. Burrator

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Progress so far, Billericay Town. 2010-11 was a hard year, struggled with tactics and form but survived the season finishing 17th: League Table League Positions 2011-2012 was better but not great, started to get the hang of tactics somewhat better but ultimately only managed mid-table. A good FA Cup run got me to the third round where I held Exeter to a home replay which really helped with funds although I got well beaten: League Table I forgot to take screenshots at the end of the season so this is the historical table. 2012-13 went fairly well, managed to maintain some consistency and stay in top half of the table. Somehow managed to get a playoff place and then had the experience of play-offs. Drew 1-1 at home first leg of semi, and pulled back from 1-0 down to win 2-1 away to get to the final against Thurrock. 91st minute header by one of my DCs sealed a flukey victory, had been held deep down and fully expected a loss but by luck more than judgement kept them out and the late winning goal had me shouting with glee (probably to the neighbours annoyance). League Table League Positions Now about to start my first season in BSP and try not to get relegated!
  5. Burrator

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Ok, decided to try following this challenge to the letter this year (been doing something similar for many years). Got Billericay on my first load amazingly. Profile
  6. Bought from Esellerate and direct download much faster than torrent for me, 50mins to go.
  7. As I understand it, It'll be tied to your Steam login details so you can have it installed on numerous machines but the one you are logged in with is the one it will work on at any given time.
  8. Burrator

    dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Does anyone have the date to holiday too in 2010? Had a search around but couldn't find it. Billericay for me as grew up there.
  9. Nojabold: whilst I think you make some good points and I wish Digital Download versions where out already (esellerate in my mac oriented case). You need to consider the commercial side, the content delivery networks that power digital downloads take time to setup and more to the point they themselves (separate from Si/Sega) may well have contracts with providers to ensure peak demands can be met when a new game is released. It's a business and that is never as simple as pressing a button. The postal strikes and random retailers not listening to release dates is nothing new, but ultimately I image SI/S is powerless do a fair degree to change anything at this point. Mind you, reading between the lines of Matt's postings, it suggests they are trying some stuff to maybe deal with the situation. As, however, they have to manage customer (our) expectations I wouldn't expect too much info unless it's concrete. With only a day or two to go I suspect anything they can manage will be minimal and we'll just have to be patient. I wouldn't doubt any business learns as it grows so maybe next year there will be other contingencies; who knows.
  10. Any more news on Mac Digital Downloads yet? So happy this is an option whatever the cost, I travel a lot and nothing worse than being on the other side of the planet from your FM disk
  11. Burrator

    Football Manager First Times

    Played Football Manager (Addictive software) on the BBC B Micro in 1982, have been playing football management games of various types ever since, had a break of a good few years during the whole CM/FM thing and got back into FM07. Been re-hooked ever since.
  12. Burrator

    Quit and Reload After A Defeat?

    I have reloaded many times but generally not for a specific match (although I have done when frustrated I admit), it tends to be about 3 months in of the first season of each new version of FM. By then I have a feel for the new nuances of the game and start again. As I play dafuges challenge (my own variant but basically the same thing as I have done for about 18 years in management games). I can't be bothered doing the whole holidayman thing again each time so make sure I have that season start well saved and backed up I have also reloaded when a new chairman decided to sack me for no good reason, can't be having that. Ultimately it is a game and the game should be fun, how anyone has fun is down to them and they should not be judged on it.