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  1. Does anyone know if the game will make it to the windows store? I've got a surface RT and have no idea if the handheld version will be available. Seems a shame if it doesn't as the tablet is pretty powerful and would be able to cope just like a newer tablet.
  2. Wes Baynes RB - free Aaron Moses-Garvey(sp) AM/SC - free Alex Smith M/AML - free Scott Tynan(sp) GK - free all of the above come to clubs in BSN
  3. I'd recommend, Simon Heslop (free) from Barnsley Res. He has joined 3 different clubs across 3 saves and is a top player in both BSS & BSN. He is a natural central midfielder and I have always used him as a deep lying play-maker. Sam Adkins (sp) is another found rotting in Walsall Res. Out and out left winger, scores gaols for fun and just loves those assists in the lower leagues. I have signed him before on both a long term loan deals and for around 1/2k.