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  1. I played FM yesterday with no problems. Came to it today and for some reason it is asking me to install the game again. I have checked and its all there - the game, my shortlists tactics etc as well as the shortcuts etc but when I click on on the FM14 icon to load the game it just goes to the same screen asking to install it. I have no idea how to fix this - I am at my folks for Christmas and their internet connection is slow so dont think I'll be able to reinstall it so would appreciate any ideas on how to fix this. Cheers.
  2. I managed to sign him back immediately for £150k on around £7k a week so alls well that ends well [sort of].
  3. I've been trying to sign a player on a free for more than a season. He wants around £8k per week and I can only offer £6k. How ever much I tried to sign him and tried different clauses etc he refused to sign and preferred to be on a free. All of a sudden several clubs came in for him, including some in his native norway. All realised I couldn't compete so gave up trying to sign him. In the end he went to a norwegian club, who are only paying him £975 per week! Just had to share this as it was so random and also annoying.
  4. In a quick update to my getting sacked for no reason thread, Sam Alladyce (sp?) took over and they finished 15th, so its a good job they got rid of me when they did. I have managed to get the Barnsley job after they got relegated to league 2. My idea was to start a go with a decent team with some money and potential, rather than the usual league 1/2 small with no money challenge I normally do, but i've ended up there anyway!
  5. Started a Leeds go, going quite well, some good results, had a small dip in form in which I slipped out of play offs to 11th, only because there are about 7 or 8 teams on the same points, then got instantly sacked without even being warned or having an insecure job or anything. What a waste of time.
  6. That made me chuckle, glad i'm not the only one. I usually do it in tense games to stop myself chewing my fingernails down to the bone. I usually have to stop myself though when I involentarily start doing hand genstures to both pass on instructions to my players and appealing throwin decisions etc.
  7. And also when you find yourself clapping a good tackle or pass, actually raising a hand to contest a throw in and then waking your wife up who is sleeping after a hard night shift by celebrating a last minute winner in a fifth round FA cup replay.
  8. When you spend your entire lunch break at work reading all eight pages of this thread.....
  9. Portsmouth 2 - Man Utd 1 in the 5th season - backs to the wall but showed my dominance from set pieces. Taken them from 14th to 5th in the 2 and a half months since taking over as manager.
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned but there are too many pages to check. I would like to see the option of making a player train with the youth team if they miss behave or play really badly. Sometimes fining them just doesn't satisfy the rage or frustration that some players can cause.
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