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  1. I played FM yesterday with no problems. Came to it today and for some reason it is asking me to install the game again. I have checked and its all there - the game, my shortlists tactics etc as well as the shortcuts etc but when I click on on the FM14 icon to load the game it just goes to the same screen asking to install it. I have no idea how to fix this - I am at my folks for Christmas and their internet connection is slow so dont think I'll be able to reinstall it so would appreciate any ideas on how to fix this. Cheers.
  2. I managed to sign him back immediately for £150k on around £7k a week so alls well that ends well [sort of].
  3. I've been trying to sign a player on a free for more than a season. He wants around £8k per week and I can only offer £6k. How ever much I tried to sign him and tried different clauses etc he refused to sign and preferred to be on a free. All of a sudden several clubs came in for him, including some in his native norway. All realised I couldn't compete so gave up trying to sign him. In the end he went to a norwegian club, who are only paying him £975 per week! Just had to share this as it was so random and also annoying.
  4. This has bothered me for a while. I am just about to lose my key centreback as I can't extend his short-term loan. However my rivlas have just extended the short-term loan of there midfielder. Is there a reason for this? Seems a bit unfair to me.
  5. In a quick update to my getting sacked for no reason thread, Sam Alladyce (sp?) took over and they finished 15th, so its a good job they got rid of me when they did. I have managed to get the Barnsley job after they got relegated to league 2. My idea was to start a go with a decent team with some money and potential, rather than the usual league 1/2 small with no money challenge I normally do, but i've ended up there anyway!
  6. Started a Leeds go, going quite well, some good results, had a small dip in form in which I slipped out of play offs to 11th, only because there are about 7 or 8 teams on the same points, then got instantly sacked without even being warned or having an insecure job or anything. What a waste of time.
  7. Not sure what TC stands for, sorry, but I am not using classic. I tried downloading them from the forum but found I couldn't use shouts etc. Was I doing something wrong? I am playing 4-4-2. Tried 4-5-1 with a def min but my current def mid wasn't good enough to make it work and I don't have the resources to buy a new one. Anyway, as an update I won my first game, 2-0 away from home against fellow relegation strugglers. I think a major element of the game is confidence and I came to the club (Rochdale) part way through the season when confidence was very low. The difficulty is that when confidence is low its very hard to win I think (could be wrong though) but how to you get the players confident unless your winning? Anyway, after just one win some of the players are now showing good morale, when before they were all very poor or abysmal morale. Just got to get a run together now...... Off to work now, back to reality
  8. Just to update people, despite all the advise, which I have taken on board and spent hours attempting to implement, with my current team of Rochdale I have lost every game without scoring a single goal. Home and away I just lose without fail so I i've given up as it really is pointless. Thanks anyway.
  9. Thanks for all the info, really appreciated, I'll give it won last go using the advise and see how i get on.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I know it's my tactics, trouble is I have tried so many including creatig my own, getting advise from forums and downloading others. My current go was the one that broke me. Started out with sheff wed in league 1 and got sacked by jan with only a handful of wins and mainly defeats I couldn't even draw games. Then after a few months got Yeovil job and won first game and lost the next 10 and got sacked. Got Rochdale job and lost first game against top team then lost to bloody Yeovil who suddenly looked like barca under new manager. In response to some posts I have spent hours devising tactics and trying to ruturn things around but results remain the same so it seems like I have no effect on it. I know this isn't the tactics forum but if anyone can give advise as what I'm doing wrong then that would be appreciated. Cheers.
  11. I am bringing down the curtain on my Football Manager/Championship Manager career after nearly 20 years. The simple reason is that this latest installment is awful. I have simply not enjoyed a single minute. Every tactic I have tried has failed, every player I bought is crap every single element of the game hasn't worked despite trying everything and wasting countless hours trying to develop the magic tactic that can trick this unrealistic and terrible match engine into allowing me not to lose every match (I don't even ask for wins anymore) no matter what team I am or what league I am in. The developers of this game appear to have forgotton that it is actually supposed to be fun. I appeciate that it is meant to be challenging at times but there should at least be come enjoyment along the way. There is simply no place for the casual/moderate user anymore and so there is no point.
  12. That made me chuckle, glad i'm not the only one. I usually do it in tense games to stop myself chewing my fingernails down to the bone. I usually have to stop myself though when I involentarily start doing hand genstures to both pass on instructions to my players and appealing throwin decisions etc.
  13. And also when you find yourself clapping a good tackle or pass, actually raising a hand to contest a throw in and then waking your wife up who is sleeping after a hard night shift by celebrating a last minute winner in a fifth round FA cup replay.
  14. When you spend your entire lunch break at work reading all eight pages of this thread.....
  15. Portsmouth 2 - Man Utd 1 in the 5th season - backs to the wall but showed my dominance from set pieces. Taken them from 14th to 5th in the 2 and a half months since taking over as manager.
  16. Sorry if this has been mentioned but there are too many pages to check. I would like to see the option of making a player train with the youth team if they miss behave or play really badly. Sometimes fining them just doesn't satisfy the rage or frustration that some players can cause.
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