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  1. its a good little option but unless the AI is improved then its a bit pointless really
  2. im dominating the game but not scoring then i will go and let in some dirty goal any ideas ?
  3. hi when i try to start the game i get a message saying theres to many teams from two of the leagues any idea on how to solve this ?
  4. sando123

    unplayable english leagues

    thank you very much
  5. hi just playing on my save in pre season and when i was setting up some friendly games i noticed teams like horden cw and newton aycliff, which are very small teams wer i love so was wondering if there is anyway to play as them ? thanks in advance
  6. is there anyways to get a sensible fee for your players or do you just have to accept the rubbish they offer you, when a team was interested in javier hernandez i said hands off warning inter still put in a bid of 15 million so i said 30 and they pulled out but when i wanted to sign a 19 year old from them who had only played 4 games they want 25 million
  7. sando123

    man utd debts

    always have a long term man u save, i just build a team for 5 years then spend only when i need to after that before i deleted my save by mistake it was in 2022 and the debt had went down a lot, i just find its abouts not blowing the transfer money seems to make the debts drop, played it till i got took over in fm 11 took till 2029 :-/
  8. dzeko on fm 10 think it was, just scored for fun did about 10 seasons for me was only in his last season he droped below the 30 a season mark and he still got 18
  9. is just me that finds this hard soon as teams sack there manager then the next day they hire someone else normally for me a terrible regen whos never managed before
  10. cant remember which one i was using of your but tweaked it here and there and managed to win prem with a team that should finish about 7-10th then took over spurs and destroyed the prem scoring 131 goal and only letting in 29 also my top goal scorer and top assists is the same player he has scored 78 in 59 and has 28 assists plus 25 man of the match awards still 3 games for him to score more as well
  11. since 08 to 12 and just going off my man united saves my team would have to be akinfeev rafeal zapata vidic fabio valencia sissoko guardado dzeko rooney aguero guardado was only good on 09 or 10 but he was a tank on it, a lot of people said fabio and rafeal are crap but always did amazing for me and for the right wing it was always valencia and a regen and no matter how good the regen was valencia used to keep them out the team
  12. quick question what type of players do you have in the middle I had two more defensive minded players and i just lost and drew but I bought a creastive attacking player to put next to a defensive player and its working a treat
  13. well fuss it took a long time and a lot of games but your V3 is finally working for my team with a few of my own tweaks here and there that seemed to have worked well
  14. V2 i got my team from blue sqaure north to prem now with V3 i cant win a game but its the best tatic on the forum for others does FM hate me