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  1. I would like SI remove statistics when you are in player selection screen(that should be only viewable when you click on player)instead of that they should make viewable 3 top scorers/assistants and player position/status/value. As in here: http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/verein/11/fcarsenal/uebersicht/startseite.html Thanks:)
  2. This is only cosmetic thing:Make that flags in country/league section are moving like they are blown in the wind,also make this for club shirts. In feeder clubs and clubs that are in lower leagues there are never any players that my assistant or scout describe as an good or hot prospect and that should be mostly young players,in real world there are many talented players but very few of them become world class players only by their talents,they should work very hard to become top players but there are also players that are not so talented but are hard working and they are becoming successful. Thats all from me,I hope that demo will come out very soon and that i wont be disappointed Cheers
  3. I have been playing Fifa manager and there wasnt nothing specialy about it,but one thing left mark on me and that was news system and better made press conferences which add realistic touch to game. When you put in player and later again substitute he should be angry and say "why did you embarrassed me" as in fifa,also more press conferences after important games or big wins or losses-where journalist asks you will you resign from your job or not,etc. You should also ad that your acts can have positive or negative consenquences like on game,and also players,fans,board you should choose wisely what will you say or do. Also i saw that in fifa you could allow your players to go in pubs but i could say "if you get drunk you will not be in team or something" and i would like that you include this in game. Better interaction with game should be main core of new game. Fifa 09 main site skin is beautiful and i think that you could make something like that for FM 09 also with bigger nation flags in main menu. Cheers
  4. I think that these would be really good to put in game:1)In one thread i found interesting when one guy said that it would be good to fix when assistant tells you that xx player is good or bad that he didnt even seen him playing as i said before in my post-players should be judged by their performances. 2)I dont see often that clubs loan players for example-club who would like to sign player whose reputation isnt very high and is unknown or player from its affiliate should loan player on short term-1-6 months to see him how he plays(something like trial),but also clubs should loan players with higher reputation like when barcelona needed backup for victor valdes and loaned manuel pinto-from celta for a fee,i want to say that in my manager game this wouldnt be possible because pinto would be key player and they wouldnt want to give him to me for a fee higher than his value.Also one great example is when Alex ferguson loaned Larsson to Man utd. Smaller clubs like Slavia Prague also loaned players from Inter milan. 3)Then I dont see point of even having lower reputation leagues like N.Ireland because when i want to take some club from its league(Linfield for example)which is far best club in country and try to buy some player outside the league i cant buy anyone same thing with other leagues even higher reputation.They bought player from Swindon,Notthingam,Wrexham,Everton although they were all having N.Ireland nationality but I cant even persuade those players please fix that(big thanks if you already have). 4)Make pitch look more realistic with better graphic look of grass. 5)In game in Romanian league i havent seen that clubs are buying Moldovian,serbian,or portugal players which they naturaly do. 6)I would like that prices of players are showed like for example-5.000.000,00(and valute of that country $ for instance)because it looks better to me than 50K.Like in transfermarkt. Also it would be excellent if when i would buy some player in same country that price would be in valute of that country. I hope that there is time to put these in new game. Thanks for your time
  5. I hope that it isnt late to wish something: 1)First I would like that you make Football manager for widescreen monitors to make picture cleaner on them. 2)When i buy some player from lower league i would like that coach doesnt say he isnt good for us because he doesnt know it.It should take some time for coach to judge him and his judgement should be on his performances. 3)Skin should be better with nicer background 4)On beginning you every manager should have press conference where press should ask him his opinion of the start of the season,who will be captain,which formation he prefers,and much more with more options to reply. Thats all from me,i am hardly waiting new Football manager to come out and i hope that i wont be dissapointed-take it on higher step please Thanks
  6. First I would like that leagues arent so unrealistic(player attributes,player names,and many others)i am speaking of smaller leagues which arent made with close attention. Leagues which i would like to be in game are: Bosnian Macedonian MonteNegro Cyprus Moldavian Cyprus Lybian Qatari Paraguayan Japanese Iranian Lithuanian Tunisisan Egyptian Morocco Saudi Arabian Moldavian and i would like tht players from africa are made better so that i can buy some african talents. It would be better for SI that they make less lower leagues.It is enough that game has three leagues from five bigger countries(Britain,spain,france,germany,italy)and two leagues from rest.
  7. Hello, I has been a while when i was last time on this beautiful forum and when i was writting my wishes to make this beautiful game more realistic. Release date is ËcloseËand i hope that game will be released without those bugs that was spoiling my fun,and my will to even play at least one season. This is what i have to say: -I hope that all leagues at least 1 and 2 will be updated especially smaller leagues(There are many research teams that are reaserching their native leagues and i cant realise why SI cant listen to those people and make every league that is in the game up to date and realistic) -I would love that when you are offering player that you can tipe in amount(value9for how much you would like to sell a player instead clicking(choosing)asking price. -When you come to the club you should give wishlist to board in which you will write which players you want to sell or buy and which of non-playing staff do you like to keep/buy. -Media coverage should be better because medias are important part of any football world. I would love that some of SI write reply on this post or this thread because i would like to know if you even read this. Is it so hard to write short reply so iwould know that i am not writing this for nothing. Please!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello,here i am with some fresh ideas which would surely make game more realistic:-First of all big clubs shouldnt buy many players on free transfers which dont have ability to play in that club but there should be some exceptions for example(big clubs from any club in the world should be interested in signing player who are in national setup and players who have high attributes)because i dont think that there is any club that wants to buy players on free transfers and they have money to buy better players. -Then big clubs should buy best players from its country or strengthen their squad with 2 or 3 players from foreign country to bolster their squad. -Clubs shouldnt be judged by their reputation because there are big clubs that are coming from poor leagues and that are fighting for European cups. -Every season i should write a list of players that i would like to release or sell and wish list of players which i would like my clubs buys for me,and i should be able to wish 2 0r more better players from league five(England,Spain,France,Germany,Italy,Holland,Portugal)etc. -I would like that you fix something that i encountered in game i have been playing a game and in the half of the season and in the end of the season i saw that best goalscorer,best player,best team was made of players that dont have ability or attributes to win such award i think that best player should be player with highest attributes also best goalscorer should be player with highest finishing(and highest attributes or anything that describes best players in certain position,but i dont say that best goalscorer cant be maybe some midfielder) Best goalscorer could be also and player with finishing 1 if he is playing in some poor league and he has highest attributes till he dont get injured or looses his form. -I would like that you make that in current ability are listed all attributes which would show ability of some player instead of old way,and that in potential ability are listed also all attributes but they should have restrictions on it to show how far certain attribute of a players will develop it would be fantastic!!! One tiny advice i would for the sake of realism that players that players dont score too many goals especially if they are playing in better leagues as(England,France,Germany,Spain,Italy,Holland,Portugal)because have you ever seen decent player who managed to score more than 20 goals in first season in which he came to that country even best players dont score more than 32 goals in the season(Luca Toni)i dont see why you cant make realistic game.Every season(year)you make clone of the game from previous year and that shouldnt be because i think you have much more potential and you should listen to our advices!!!! Thank you.
  9. This is the list of counties that are buying players from these countries:Turkey-serbia,bosnia,bulgaria,france,holland,romania,brazil,uruguay,czech republic,argentina,columbia,slovakia,croatia,senegal,cameroon,nigeria,ivory coast,ghana Holland-romania,serbia,belgium,denmark,sweden,norway,finland,brazil,argentina,hungary,canada,ghana,nigeria,morocco, tunisia,ivory coast,algeria,england,czech rep. Russia-holland,france,romania,bulgaria,serbia,croatia,brazil,argentina,uruguay,turkey,moldova,belarus,slovakia,poland,czech rep.,macedonia,albania,bosnia,georgia,estonia,latvia,lithuania,ghana,cameroon,nigeria,ivory coast,senegal,dr congo Serbia-montenegro,bosnia,brazil,argentina,macedonia,porugal,france,ghana,nigeria,cameroon,czech rep.dr congo Slovenia-bosnia,serbia,czech.rep.brazil,argentina,france,italy,macedonia,albania,croatia, Croatia-macedonia,albania,bosnia,brazil,argentina,australia,slovakia,czech rep.hungary,romania,bulgaria France-belgium,switzerland,czech rep.,algeria,ghana,cameroon,senegal,ivory coast,dr congo,togo,morocco,egypt,russia,poland,hungary,romania,portugal,brazil,argentina,sweden,denmark,norway portugal-sweden,brazil,argentina,chile,colombia,uruguay,paraguay,czech rep.france,holland Czech republic-slovakia,serbia,croatia,bosnia,france,morocco,tunisia,brazil,argentina,cameroon,ghana COUNTRIES FROM SOUTH AMERICA ARE BUYING SOUTH AMERICAN PLAYERS Spain-brazil,argentina,chile,paraguay,uruguay,portugal,holland,serbia,columbia,boivia,venezuela,mexico,france,denmark Germany-turkey,holland,france,serbia,croatia,bosnia,hungary,brazil,argentina,columbia,czech rep.,uruguay,poland,slovakia,porugal,macedonia,denmark,sweden,norway,austria,australia,belgium,switzerland Scandinavian countries are buying players from scandinavia and players from:france,australia,canada,serbia,bosnia,south african republic,ghana,nigeria,cameroon,senegal,dr congo Ukraine-erbia,croatia,macedonia,nigeria,cameroon,ivory coast,czech rep.poland,slovakia,hungary,romania,bulgaria,brazil,argentina,moldova,georgia Romania-poland,serbia,brazil,argentina,france,ghana,nigeria,macedonia, Austria-switzerland,germany,france,czech rep.poland,slovakia,serbia,macedonia,croatia,bosnia,slovenia,argentina,brazil,belgium italy-slovenia,greece,sweden,holland,france,norway,denmark,austria,brazil,argentina,uruguay,serbia,czech rep.all african countries, Belgium-czech rep.serbia,poland,hungary,slovakia,holland,argentina,brazil,switzerland,croatia, Greece-cyprus,czech rep.,bulgaria,romania,serbia,france,portugal,italy,australia,albania,brazil,argentina, England-australia,denmark,sweden,norway,finland,brazil,argentina,france,poland,serbia,austria,holland,portugal,czech rep. Switzerland-france,morocco,tunisia,holland,croatia,albania,serba,austria,germany,slovenia,nigeria,ghana,brazil,sweden,argetina,czech rep.bosnia,cameroon Israle-ghana,serbia,nigeria,bosnia,south african republic,croatia,macedonia,poland,cameroon,slovakia,romania,brazil,argentina,czech rep. U.K. countries are buying players from U.K. like scotland,wales,n.ireland,ireland,and france,holland I hope that you will do this because this would give realism to the game because this transfer system doesnt seem realistic. One advice,that there is no big clubs that are buying players on free transfers,unless they are so good because if the would be good they wouldnt be released from their clubs on free transfers. This are transfers that i have seen on transfermarket and i think that would be good for game. In match,player circles should be smaller like in CM 2003/2004. I would like that my board allows me to buy one or two players from strong leagues(like when russian clubs bought portugal and dutch players)in stronger clubs of smaller leagues because if club has money he should be able to attract players from far developed and stronger countries. Smaller clubs should buy players who are foreigners but they should come from second league and he should be young because there are no clubs to buy old players that are old and close to retirement and eventually they could buy players from first division but only if that country isnt rich. Thanks.
  10. This is what i would like to see in new game:1)I would like that when you win some competition like (national league,world-cup,champions league,UEFA cup or any)that you get trophy for that i mean that you make trophy room where are shown all trophys that you won.)I mean graphical shown not only listed.please!! Then team that won some championship should be saved to best XI. 2)I would like that when i win championship that it gets saved and that when you start new game with the same profile that all wined championships and trophys from previously saved profile stay like you continued game. That my attributes and reputation rise when i win some championship or league,and other clubs should be interested in me. 3)I would like that if club doesnt make good results manager gets kicked out in first half of season or in the end. 4)On editor I would like that there is some tool that allows to me to select the players that should play in some club i mean from which country should they buy most players. -And that in editor i can select players who should play for the nation if you dont fix that before me. 5)I would love that you make that when players shoots ball towards keeper that it looks like he caught ball but ball slips trough into goal or through legs. 6)You should remove tactical attributes because i have felling that even if i buy best players in some team that used to be weak they still dont win.Club strength should depend on players ability and attributes and of course form and morale.It doesnt mean if i play against barcelona if they are plaing with reserve team i could win with greater goal difference. 7)I would like that you fix that first division clubs buy players from foreign countries and they are 29-or more years old and close to retirement and they have no ability to play in that club. 8)Fix that players like naldo(werder bremen)who play for national team are being transfered in lower side leagues they should go in better leagues if they are in form. 9)Its stupid that if i play with dinamo zagreb and i get an offer for Luka Modrić who is amongst best players on the world of hannover who are not even in first 5 in german league i should get an offer from chelsea,barcelona,real madrid etc. 10)And last and not less important that players status change as they play different role in team if player is in first 11 he should get status of Key player,first team or squad rotation or if he doesnt play constantly backup or not needed.Something else how can i lose with dinamo zagreb from teplice 3-1 because dinamo has beaten ajax and played good against werder,teplice sold their best player martin fenin and they arent so strong. Thanks i hope that you will make excellent game worth of playing with no patches to fix many bugs,and if you make it i cant wait to play it!!!
  11. Hello,I hope that i am not annoying but i have new fresh ideas to make this football simulation realistic and better and first of all playable. I would like that on that there are shown all players on player search screen like in database because although i select country and i am playing with club from it it doesnt show me all players,and it would be easier to find certain player. When i click on continue i would like to see instead of fixtures famous managers sentences like in call of duty or training tips of famous trainers or managers in the world. fixtures should be processed without showing on the screen if it is possible. I would like that clubs are playing friendly matches with clubs who are on pre-season trips like them. Scouts should seek for young players and not old and should more find wonderkids or better players. In every country there should be their own currency instead now where for all countries is same currency. Players who are injured or lack of form their attributes should fall and when they get in form they should rise. Mayor clubs of any country should have big amount of cash to buy better players and i think big clubs shouldnt have less money than 10 million or if they do players values should be lower to regulate buying power. I should be able to buy also trainers or national managers for my assistants,if not in first then after first season. In beginning we should be able to choose our assistants,coach,physio,goalkeeper coach... Match should be won by team who has better attackers in most cases,and attackers should score only if you have good midfielders who should be able to pass the ball. I would like that players in selection screen are divided by lines like sections. GK ----------------- defenders ----------------- midfielders ----------------- attackers transfers screen should be like in transfermarkt where you can choose country division and there are all clubs and their transfers. There should be and list of biggest transfers. Bigger clubs from any country should have bigger knowledge than smaller clubs and should be able to send scouts to any country. clubs should invite less known players on trials before they buy them. In match there should be important who plays and not how high club reputation is because it doesnt matter if it is real madrid,barcelona or arsenal if they dont play in their strongest setup and if they miss key players. Thank you if you read this,and i hope that all from this and my past posts will be in game and of course i have read many excellent post here and i hope that they are going too be in game because they may have that i havent mentioned and please read all pages.Thank you.
  12. Hello I would like this implemented in a game: -I would like that if players are going on far place or country that they could tire,and travel could lower their mental condition because of that(longest travel more tired,and nervous players) -Then in both previous and in fm 2008 manager games there was that players like paolo maldini,and costacurta and many other old players were wanted by other big clubs and now i ask myself how could this be first they are dedicated to the club and second they are far too old that big clubs could have interest in these players-for the sake of reality. -I would like that you begin making new game with features of football manger 2006(for me it was the best). -I would like that tactics dont have main part in the game because i think that if you havent good players tactics wont help you either(would like that main factor are players) -I heard some manager when he said that players who are recovering from injury have to train 6 months before they can catch their real form,and i would like that this is in the game). -I would like that when some club is buying player from one country that other clubs dont follow them and buy other who have left because in that way they lower club strength. -I would like that you fix graphic part of the game because we are bored after some time because of monotony. -Make that in tactic screen instead of marking player who you want that your players mark,tackle,or closing down that you give order to some player(it could be defensive midfielder or any other player)who do you want to him to mark like in total club manager where you could give orders which player you want to mark opposition player. -Last advice is to put in the game some sort of radio or mp3 player because every good game must have music in it it is the mark of excellent game.And there should be video and music when game starts like introduction. Thanks!!
  13. This is something that i think would make player transfers more exciting and realistic:You should like i said before allow any club their real transfer budget like in real world because there is no point of playing game if you cant buy anyone,second transfer demands for players are too high for young players future stars price is between 10-30 million,and other good players that are not drogba,cristiano ronaldo price should be maximum 10-20 million. Then i think that you should see list of transfers in every country and see which players froma what counties do they buy because this would make game more realistic. Another suggestion is that you make that if you have good attackers and you dont have good midfield players to feed attackers with balls you cant score many goals especiall if you dont have ones like drogba and thery to run alone wit the ball and score a goal,also if you dont have good goalkeepers and defenders to stop opposition attacks you should take many balls in the goal home. Attributes do not show players ability for instance many players do not play good although they have good attributes why is that so i dont know but i hope that this will change in future version because player who has passing 20 should be world class passer and goalkeeper with reflexes 20 should save the goal lake the cat,attacker with 20 finishin and composure should score a lot of goals like luca toni and van nisterlooy and not like now they miss a lot of sitters and chances although they are going one on one with goalkeeper and have a lot of space to put ball behind his back or round him and score there are so many ways of scoring.Also clubs and nations should have in their first team:three gk-s,eight defenders two for every side(dc,dl,dr),eight midfielders(mr,ml,mc or dm,aml,amr,amc)and five strikers.And in nation setups there shouldnt be players that are close to retirmrnt that are not in form and arent playing for their club unless they have no other players.One last advice is that i think that it would be better if ability points would show percentages of scoring,marking,saving,passing examplelayer with 20 finishing should score in 99% cases if he is in situation of scoring. Thanks,and good luck.
  14. I would like you to fix following:That Brazilian,and belgian and players from other countries can play for team that bought them before the league games starts like Alexandro Pato he could play friendly games for Milan although he couldnt play league games. Then I would like that team strength depends on ability of players and trainer(not all trainers can coach big teams)but not on reputation because reputation is product of skill and good games. More playable leagues would be better like teams from:Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Macedonia,Albania,Japan,and more.... Old players should retire in counties like Qatar and Saudi Arabia,also Big names like Ronaldo,Figo should accept offers from MLS league. Mexican players should more be willing to go to lower leagues because players look for money, Clubs transfers should be more interesting and realistic like Portugal clubs are buying mostly south American players,Czech teams are buying Slovakian players,but also players from big countries should be also willing to sign for smaller league clubs like French players,Portugal etc... I would like to finish with this why I cant loan any players that is playing for club and dont have contract like most Turkish clubs i have seen does,and why i cant loan players like Hernan Crespo,and Riquelme,Adriano especially if I pay some money for them if they dont play in their mother club they should go to other clubs who could pay half of their wages.This was in previous versions that manager was buying players and from club and country that he comes form.Teams shouldnt have more than 22 players in the first team because they do that in real world. Thank you!!!!I hope you wont mind for space that I used thanks again and I hope that this and previous wishes will be in Football manager 2008/2009.
  15. I have some fresh ideas/critics about the transfer part of the game. I have read on the internet that man city manager Sven Goran Eriksson is interested in buying Roma`s Brazilian Mancini and worth of that transfer would be for about 16 million pounds.Question is why in the game I have to pay for that player 60 million pounds.Prices in the game are far from realism and I would like that you change that. I don`t get it for young players price is low and for older players price is high.Clubs in the game are buying players that are setting for retirement and young players are going in smaller clubs that isnt just right. One wish only is to make that any club can buy any player if he has enough funds to pay his wages,because I was going to buy some brazilian player and gave him twice higher salary and he refused,players shouldn`t judge by reputation of league and reputation of country especially if some european club has offer for him and if he is playing european competitions.If you have enough money you should have ability to buy any player you want because everyone has his own price.I would be grateful if AI is going to be smarter,because I have also read that Hideo Kojima`s wish is to make most realistic games,and he made many like MGS,and I dont see why the best game Manager shouldnt wish to become game which is displayed on most realistic way.Thanks!!!!
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