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  1. one more question is Segundo Volante unoficially considered playmaker, i thought of him as box to box with more creativity, i am asking cause you say DLP is bad because it attracts ball
  2. cause when i used pressing intensity more urgent when i was losing 1:0 i won 3:1 and possession completely changed and it happened in multiple matches.. the biggest issue for possession was if i used Treq on amc then had to use high press to even get ball at all.. even though player has prefect attributes for role every highlighted attrib needed for was 16 or up except balance which was 18.. and behind him are kessie mctominay on halfback and romario baro and pogbaa SVs, it just doesnt make sense at all why it doesnt work It feels like HB just drifts to much even though it has hold posit
  3. i tried split press with normal pressing and amr/amc/aml/sc on much more it didnt work cause i got goals from long shots and i couldnt get possession back.. thats the point.. and i thought dmcs would protect in front the cds on like 35-40 meters
  4. in transition its counter press and counter with high defensive line and standard loe and now i am using press much more cause i cant do split press it doesnt work
  5. Because i had issues with counter attacks and long balls.. mentality is positive or balanced..short pass/higher tempo cause have players with good pace, play more Expressive and work into box on or off depends if team parks the bus.. general idea is if to be main goalscorer with striker and am/sv as support to striker to not be isolated among 4 players while winger with wingbacka delivers width and crosses, width is standard.. play from back and overlap left where if is
  6. need help with 2 dm pairings, like i cant make half back with segundo volante support and trequasista work meaning i have around 30-40% possession, it doesnt make any sense cause on volante side wingback sits narrow and should cover him, in all honesty i have really brutal squad(ben godfrey, franck kessie half backs and SV pogba, romario baro, marcos antonio) but unless i play high press which i dont want to play but only want to do split press game but i lose possession in setup with higher DL and low or standard LOE..but for some reason it doesnt work CFs IFs
  7. Hello, can you explain i.e. with 4231 deep i have issues with 2 dms half-back(ben godfrey, franck kessie) and segundo volante support(Pogba, Romario baro) and trequasista (Olmo) i just cant keep possession for some reason
  8. i dont know why but for me Half back doesnt work with Segundo volante and trequasista..in fm 2020 anyway.. have ben godfrey and franck kessie on half back with pogba/baro on volante and it doesnt work.. in 4231 deep.. just dont understand why feels like half back doesnt cover back of volante
  9. summary: zombie defending while ball moves slowly to net Liverpool v Arsenal.pkm
  10. Yeah I had only 200 mb virtual memory bc i have 16 gb of ram.. I put virtual memory back to 3 gb and it doesn't crash anymore, definitely one of the fixes..before last patch.. ty for help
  11. Done that alrdy everything an crashes on same match on warmup
  12. Fm out of memory crash on warmup on same match after save cant continue game.. tried reinstalling driver ... delete cache and preferences.. removed logos.. would post save but i am limited
  13. knap can you post link where i can find fabio mvp training schedules pls ..thank you very much
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