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  1. Hi! As in the subject - is there any way to move the game folder to another location as you can with Steam version? I've got gigabytes of graphics and barely any space on my C drive...
  2. Alright folks - time for an update. After few games - preseason and Eurpa League quals. Some were better, some were worse. Tactics still far from fluid but I can see some progress. First decision - just after 15 mins of first game - was to cancel ezploiting left flank as it caused exactly opposite to what I wanted to achieve - too much manpower in one place and not even single cross was made. Beside that I gave F9 "shoot less" and my IF to do forward and roam from position. My best game so far. I know - the rival wasn't tough but I was happy with the flow and finishing. Defence still needs s
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'll be watching IF closely during pre-season games for sure as he looks to be my main threat up front. The width is something I'm looking for so I'll keep that for the first few games. Do you suggest to give IF support duty? I'll consider that but won't it make him sit too deep in transition? Thanks for the tips. I think first few games will give me some answers or maybe more questions.
  4. Hi all, It's my first thread at the forum but I'm a veteran reader and CM/FM addict. This year for the first time in the series history I seriously got into tactical side of the game and need your help. I just took over Ajax in June 2014 (I holidayed the first season to make things different than usual) as they sucked in the last season finishing 5th almost 20 pts behind champion. After a quick look at the squad the first thing I noticed was lack of any MR/AMR. I'd prefer not to buy anyone so my next thought was asymetric tactics with classic winger on the left (as we have lots of talent th
  5. Started this set with Palermo at Serie B level. First few games went well but my main problem looks to be F9 position. I play Dybala there but he looks really poor - doesn'e score, makes too many long shots (even after giving him soot less often instruction). I'm considering setting him as trequartista and see what happens.
  6. After reinstallation i lost my widget settings and can't get it back on match screen
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