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  1. Hi guys, I submitted a post earlier yesterday......post 2054, and alas no reply. I appreciate you guys are busy at the moment so I might have just got over looked. If only I could find a way of downloading the patch. It is still coming up with page not available. Please please please can someone help!!!!
  2. Only little me again........ Two problems now.... Loaded game on new lap top and graphics error comes up. Downloaded Direct X add on and nothing. Loaded game on old lap top (3 years old) runs fine till it suddenly crashes with the message "Error - Array out of range". What does this mean? Also the patch is still not accessable, is there a problem with it. Can someone PM me with how to sort the above, pretty please!!!!!!
  3. I think the guysfrom SI have been up all night working on the game. Perhaps, some shut eye is well earnt. But still, there dont seem to be any conclusive updates bieng posted on their website. Please can can someone up there publish an update that everyone can understand. What is being done, what is still to be done.......will there be a total solution!
  4. Thank you for agreeing....... and yes games should just be put in, loaded, up and played. Afterall thats what we pay £29.99! Its lucky in a way, everyone has internet access these days. Oh I forgot they dont!
  5. NO I am not being petty, just realistic. You summed it up in your own reply, the activation tool works for some and not for others. Obviously if your game is working then you dont need to return it....that would be just silly. I think you missed the point of an amnesty...... I have also just looked at the packaging again and it says it is recommended for three years and up......I wonder how a young kid would be able to sort the problems out......maybe they are tecno wizzes!!!! Sadly I am not, and I am not ashamed to say it.
  6. They have got our money guys and girls, their pockets are lined with Christmas just round the corner. Credit crunch.....what credit crunch in the land of SIGames, Sega and Steam. Perhaps us mere mortals dont matter..... The problem is simple.....everyone is having problems, everyone is posting problems on these forums, everyone's posts get lost amongst even more problems, individuals are hellbent on getting their own problems sorted (which is understandable, we have each paid the money for it) but surely its time for one quick fix to the whole problem........I can see it now, headlines in the press, on tv "SI Games launch amnesty and recall all copies of FM09, return opened and unopened copies to the retailer where you bought it for a full refund" For a moment there I thought I saw a low flying plane but with various patches, fixes, confusing instructions I clearly saw it was actually a pig flying by the window.....at least it gave me something entertaining to look at. COME ON GUYS LETS SEE YOU REALLY DO CARE ABOUT US THE CUSTOMERS. ONE FIX FOR ONE IS NOT A FIX FOR OTHERS. THE ONLY FIX AVAILABLE IS TO PULL THE GAME UNTIL THE PROBLEMS ARE SORTED.
  7. Why do non mac users have to activate the game, when mac users dont? Why has the game been released for general sale with so many problems. Surely the game was tested before hand. I am not a tecno boffin and so would not have a clue how to start doing half the things mentioned on this forum. But then why should one have to? I understand teething problems.....but so many? Surely not! Why is the game still on sale in the UK? And without any warnings of the problems? GAME has announcements as to how great the game is, the press have adverts.....but no appologies, NO WARNINGS! Why are the solutions to some of the problems not available? Are that many people having problems? Why has the game not been recalled? I have no intention of using the online facility within the game, so why is there not an option to disable it......or even better why is it not like older versions where you had to click on a link for network play. £29.99 paid for a game that doesn't work......brilliant. Chances of a refund........NIL.....the seal has been broken as there were no warnings about the the problems and nothing to say "You must register this product before first use" on the sleeve. So....how do I get an activation code when the one on the box is wrong, the website checker thing doesnt work and one doesnt want to waste money phoning either an automated service or a £1 a minute premium rate number. Someone please help......or maybe someone might be able to suggest where a fully working copy of the game can be purchased!