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  1. Miguel Veloso

    a poor mans fabregas? hardly, veloso is an incredible player, moutinho too
  2. i just hate managing against players i used to have but left cos i was too small for them
  3. Well, at least I am consistent!!!

    hey its nine out of 11, so i could theoretically go on for 100 cos the club making a profit so theeere
  4. Well, at least I am consistent!!!

    my consistency is winning the league, 9 times in a row so far (fc kobenhavn)
  5. Scouts

    i think everyone is against nielsen on this one but im getting him anyway, you never know, he might be a gem wonder if theres a hidden stat called "tendancy to make fun of manager" + haha roberto bettega is 70 and at man city a tad out of my league
  6. Scouts

    take a look at the following images either one of these scouts is having me on, or one of them has made a really big mistake, I know there has to be some amount of error when compiling a report, but given that both these scouts have same jpa and jpp the difference between their opinions is quite large especially seeing as this guy is 23 and shouldnt even be improving much at all, can anyone who knows more about the nature of scouts tell me if nielsen is playing a very cruel joke on me?
  7. Unbeaten Season

    in ukraine its easily possible with shakatar, they are far too rich compared to the rest, the only challange is dinamo kiev, beat them twice and your good
  8. this thread reminds me of the ball bouncing right over pablo mills's head in the early days of the mk dons:P
  9. player kicks up a fuss

    Thanks for the advice:thup: From looking through the match report it doesnt look like there was much opposition to either cards, however my main problem was with the fact that he had a 3 match ban 5 games into the season, i wanted him to see that it wasnt acceptable to get that many yellow cards. Hes asking for a red if he does, but theres no way of telling the player thats what you are angry about (maybe "reasonings" should be a suggestion for future FM's, in team talks as well) Luckily I have a tiny team next up so I will tell them that I expect a performance
  10. high pace, acceleration, balance and agility is all you EVER need to score
  11. my player gets sent off in a continental match for 2 yellows - i give him a warning and he accepts it then he gets sent off again for 2 yellows in the match after the next (he gets banned for 3 matchs for bad dicipline, 5 yellows and 2 reds in 5 matches) so i fine 1 weeks wage, 24 players go mad about it... is that realistic?
  12. in mine rooney and lampard are the only ones who moved - im 10 years on rooney went to real then to chelsea, and lampard spent the end of his playing years at wolves before returning to chelsea as a first team coach
  13. Funny Screenshots Thread

    bosnia and herzegovina...just won the world cup! YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!