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  1. Hi all! I've recently started streaming FM20 on Twitch if anyone's interested in watching me play and listening to me droning on about what I'm doing. Mostly very calm and relaxing stream with occasional bursts of excitement from me, and the odd guest (just gaming friends I've made online, nobody famous or anything like that).I've only been doing it for about 3 weeks so far. I have 38 followers, which means I only need another 12 and I can become an affiliate. My channel is Musophil's channel on TwitchI'm just starting my 3rd season in the game.Season 1: Started with SAFC, finished top o
  2. FM19 or FM20? I played in the MLS for a few seasons in FM19. The rules seem scary at first with such a low wage limit, but between Designated Contracts and your General Allocation Money that can be spent on reducing wages for the wage cap, it's not so bad.
  3. Why does the "Position/Role/Duty" training field keep resetting? I've seen this happen repeatedly. As my most recent example, I have a central midfielder that I've been retraining as a left-back for about 18 months. A few days ago (ingame days) I noticed his P/R/D had reset to Central Midfielder. I changed it back to LB:Full Back:Attack, and continued with the game, then just checked again and it has reset to Central Midfielder again. I've checked my Staff Responsibilities and I am responsible for both General Training and Individual Training for my first team squad.
  4. Oh cool, I'll do that in the morning. Just about to head to bed. Yeah, the second and final ACL registration of the season happens on the 1st of December. I just passed that date in my current game tonight. Transfer window is open for the duration of January just like in the English leagues. Thanks again. Oh, one more thing, the entire World Club Championship in my game was cancelled one season because of fixture congestion! I was gutted as I'd won the ACL the previous season and the WCC is a massive cash boost to our little African teams working on shoestring budgets. Is
  5. Ah, fair enough. Thanks for the reply. While you're here, can I just check something? Registration dates for the African Champions League: Currently there's the normal registration at the start of the season, then another one before the January window where you can add more players to your squad, but without actually having had a transfer window to buy players yet. There's no more registration points during or after the January window, so if you've bought new players in Jan they can't play in the ACL until the following season in August, and if you've sold players in the January window
  6. Hi all. Are league rules (for example, those determining foreign player limits) dynamic or fixed permanently? At the beginning of each season I've noticed I get a reminder telling me of the league rules. Will these rules always remain the same or could a change be triggered by something that happens ingame? For example, I'm playing a career in the South African leagues, where you can only register 5 foreign players in the league squad. I'm doing pretty well, to the point where about 90% of the South African national squad are in my league squad. Every season there are at leas
  7. Do his wage bonuses, future wage rises, "wage after x games (etc)" {or future payments for his transfer} take him over the structure {or over your transfer budget}?
  8. update: My average attendance is actually 98% not 95%. So, I think it's either: - Season ticket sales not high enough yet - Time since stadium was built not long enough yet - My chairman just sucks (though I would still expect the option to ask him about it to be here if it was this) Anyone?
  9. I have one big reason for suspecting that it would be possible to expand this stadium once I hit the criteria: They didn't build the corners. It is an 82.5k stadium that only has ends and sides. It looks really weird, and very much as if it is meant to have those corner parts. The ends look taller than they are wide. xD I have been hitting the 82.5k ceiling in certain matches every year.
  10. It's never as simple as "who has the higher star rating", "who has the most expensive value" or even "who has the best current form". There are many many things that need to be taken into account when choosing a starting XI for any particular match.
  11. How does the stadium expansion mechanic work in terms of when you can expand compared with season ticket sales, average attendances, and time since last expansion or since the last time a new stadium was built? I built a new 82,500 capacity stadium almost six seasons ago and sold roughly 55000 season tickets this season with an average attendance of about 95% capacity. The average attendance has stayed roughly the same since the stadium was built. Each year since the new stadium was built I've been selling about 1000 more season tickets than the previous year, so I was wonde
  12. Is there an "answers to stupid questions" thread too, or has this one just been set up so that the clique can laugh at those asking questions?
  13. Hi everyone, loooong-time FM uber-addict but I've always been a "role-play" manager and have never really paid attention when people talk about PA and CA. I'm aware of what they are and how high they go, but that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge of them. Lots of stupid questions... Is PA permanently fixed or can it change with good/bad tuition? How much does CA change during a season and during a whole career? Maximums and minimums? If a player signs for a team with good facilities in his late 20's while his CA is 100 points below his PA, will it be possible for his CA to eve
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